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Trusted Devices Settings

If you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled, you can set up Trusted Devices to bypass 2FA on specific computers, tablets or phones.

You can find the Trusted Devices settings by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page, then click on Trusted Devices under the Security header.

What is a Trusted Device?

A Trusted Device can be used if you have 2-Factor Authentication enabled. If you sign in on a trusted device, you will not be prompted to enter your 2FA code. A trusted device is any computer, phone or tablet that isn't shared amongst other people and you trust is secure.

Add a Trusted Device

If you haven't already added your current device, you can add it as a Trusted Device from the settings page. There will be a blue box with an identifier for the current device and a green + Add Device button. Click on that button to add the device.

Trusted Device Settings - Add a Trusted Device
Add a device from Trusted Device settings

Another option is to add your device when entering your 2FA code while logging into your account. Simply check the Trust this device? checkbox under the 2FA 6-digit code entry field.

Trusted Device Settings - Add a Trusted Device from 2FA prompt
Add a device from 2FA prompt

Trusted Device List

If you have already set up a trusted device, a table on the Trusted Devices page will list the currently enabled devices. The table shows the Device Identifier - the operating system and browser identifier, Last tested - when the device was last used to log in, Added on - when the device was added as a trusted device. You can also click on the red icon to delete a trusted device.

Trusted Device Settings - Trusted Device List
Trusted Device list