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Net Worth History

This report shows your net worth over time based on your balances, debts, investments and assets.
This report is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Where to find this report

With the Accounts tab selected, click on the Net Worth History link.

Net Worth History Reports - Location
Location of Net Worth History reports

What does this report tell me?

This report shows your net worth over time for the last 2 years. This report uses your overall balances, assets, debts and investments to determine your net worth.

Net Worth History Reports - Report
Sample Net Worth History

The graphic shows all of your assets, debts and net worth for each month. Assets show up as green and are positive on the Y-axis. Debts show up as red and are negative on the Y-axis. Your average net worth shows up as the black line that falls between the two.

Due to limitations on retrieving historical investment data and the Net Worth History report being new, you can click the icon at the top of the Investments column to manually enter your end-of-month investment value. In the future, portfolio values will be calculated and stored automatically at the end of each month.

You can improve the accuracy of your net worth history by setting up your variuos assets, debts and investments. See the knowledge base articles for these tools below: