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Premium Groups Membership Management

ClearCheckbook Groups are a way for groups, organizations, or families to manage multiple ClearCheckbook user accounts from one place. The group admin and each group member get full access to all ClearCheckbook Premium features.

You can find the Premium Groups settings by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page, then click on Premium Groups under the Premium Membership header.

What are Premium Groups?

ClearCheckbook Premium Groups is a great way for organizations, families or groups to all share the benefits of a ClearCheckbook Premium membership all while giving the owner of the group the ability to easily access and manage the group members accounts.

This was originally built for caregivers to quickly and easily manage all of their clients information without having to remember several dozen usernames and passwords. With a groups membership, the caregiver can add all of their clients to the group. Once added, the caregiver can quickly switch to their client logins with a click of a button.

Premium Groups are also ideal for families where the parents can be the group owner and their children can each have their own logins and information that's kept separate from their siblings. The parents can quickly log into the accounts of their children and check that they are keeping their spending and saving up to date.

The graphic below shows a representation of how the Group Owner -> Group Member relationship works. In this case, the group owner is the represented at the top while all group members are represented below. The group owner can access any of the group member accounts but none of the group members can see each others, or the group owners, data.

ClearCheckbook Groups

You can watch this video tutorial that further explains Premium Groups and gives an overview of how it works:

ClearCheckbook's Premium Group Features

Premium Groups Pricing / # of Members

All ClearCheckbook Premium Group memberships are for one year and the pricing differs based on the maximum number of group members allowed. The pricing structure for Premium Groups are as follows:

up to 5 Group Members

up to 10 Group Members

up to 20 Group Members

up to 30 Group Members

up to 40 Group Members

up to 50 Group Members

up to 100 Group Members
Note: all prices in US dollars (USD). Memberships auto-renew by default but can be disabled at any time.

Upgrading to Premium Groups

When you load the Premium Groups page, you will see a big green upgrade button. This button will take you to the upgrade form where you will select your membership type and enter your billing information.

Premium Group Membership - Signup Button
Click the green button to upgrade

Once the Upgrade Form appears, select your Membership Length.

Premium Group Membership - Select Number of Members
Select your membership type

Note: If you already have a standard ClearCheckbook Premium membership, the upgrade costs above will be pro-rated for the first year based on the amount remaining on your current membership.

The next section is your basic Billing Information where you enter your name, billing address and contact information. The billing information must match what your credit card has on file.

After your billing information, enter your card information in the Credit Card Information section.

Finally, read the ClearCheckbook Premium Terms of Use which explains the auto-renewal and refund policy and then agree to those terms before clicking the green Place Order button.

When you submit your order, your billing and credit card information will be sent securely to our PCI compliant credit card processor which will process and store your billing information.

ClearCheckbook does not store your full card number or billing information on our servers. The only information we keep is the expiration date and last four digits of your card so we can display this information in your Billing History and alert you if your card is set to expire before your next renewal.

Group Details

After you've upgraded to Premium Groups, as the group owner you can view the details about your group by going to the Premium Groups page.

The first piece of information you will see is the expiration date and number of group members you have added to your group as well as the maximum allowed group members.

Premium Group Membership - Group Details
Group Details box

Add Members

You have three different ways to add members to your group. You can create an entire new login, add an existing ClearCheckbook user if you know their login information, or send a user an invite link.

Once a user is added to your group, you can give them a nickname that can help you better identify them if their username isn't descriptive enough.

Premium Group Membership - Add members to your group
Options for adding members to your group
Method Description
Create New User This option lets you create an entirely new user for ClearCheckbook and add them to your group.
Add Existing User If you know the login details of an existing ClearCheckbook user and want to add them to your group, you can enter their details here.
Send Invite You can send someone a link that will give them the option of joining your group. If they don't already have a ClearCheckbook login, they can create one and then join the group.

Custom Accounts

You can create custom accounts so your group members can have those pre-loaded when they access their account. These accounts will replace the default accounts set up by ClearCheckbook. To create custom accounts, click on the Manage Custom Accounts link in the Custom Accounts box.

You can assign these custom accounts to a user when you add them to your group, or by editing them once they've been added. If you assign custom accounts to an existing member, it will overwrite all of their current accounts. Please make sure you really want to do that.

Custom Categories

You can create custom categories so your group members can have those pre-loaded when they access their account. These categories will replace the default categories set up by ClearCheckbook. To create custom accounts, click on the Manage Custom Categories link in the Custom Categories box.

You can assign these custom categories to a user when you add them to your group, or by editing them once they've been added. If you assign custom categories to an existing member, it will overwrite all of their current categories. Please make sure you really want to do that.

Group Members List

The Current Group Members list shows all of your group members with actions to log into their account, edit their information, remove them from your group or load their account balances.

Premium Group Membership - Current group members
Current group members

If you click on the link, an edit form will appear where you can modify their information.

Premium Group Membership - Edit group member
Edit group member

The edit field options are explained in the table below:

Option Description
Nickname You can enter an optional nickname for this group member. Only the group owner will be able to see this.
Options The Restrict Accounts and Restrict Categories options, when checked, will restrict the user from creating their own accounts or categories, respectively.
Accounts You can choose to replace their accounts with any custom accounts you created for the group.
Categories You can choose to replace their categories with any custom categories you created for this group.
Change Password You can change the password for this group member's login. If left blank, the password will not change

Switching Between Accounts

The real power of Premium Groups is the ability for the group owner to quickly switch between their own login and the logins of their group members. There are two different ways to do this:

The first way is to click on the Log in link next to their name in the Current Group Members list.

Premium Group Membership - Switch to a group member account
Switch to a group member account

The second way is by clicking on your username at the top right side of the page. As a group owner with group members, your username turns into a button that will let you quickly switch to a group member account from anywhere on the site.

Premium Group Membership - Global switch button location
Global switch button location

Select the group member you want to switch to.

Premium Group Membership - Select a group member
Select a group member

Once you select a group member to switch to from either method shown above, you will be taken to their account where you have full control of everything. You can switch back to the group owner login at any time by clicking the Switch Users link at the top of the page, to the right of the group member's username.

Premium Group Membership - Switch back to your login
Switch back to your login