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Manage Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions

This tool lets you manage and hide auto-complete suggestions when you're entering transactions. These ignored suggestions will not apper when you type in the description, memo or payee fields.

You can find the Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions tool by clicking on Tools at the top of the page, then click on the Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions link.
This tool is only available for ClearCheckbook Premium members.

Ignoring Suggestions

You will see a Find Suggestions form when you load the Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions tool.

Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions - Ignoring suggestions
Form to ignore suggestions

When you start typing, a list of descriptions, memos and payees will appear that match the keyword you're entering. Click on the icon to ignore the selected suggestion.

Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions - Ignoring suggestions searching
Suggestions based on entered keyword

After clicking the icon, the suggestion will change so you know it has been ignored.

Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions - Successfully ignored suggestion
Example of a successfully ignored suggestion.

You can also ignore auto-complete suggestions directly from the auto-complete suggestion list by clicking the icon at the top right of any suggestion.

Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions - Ignoring from auto-complete list
Ignoring directly from the auto-complete suggestions

Ignored Suggestion List

Any ignored suggestions will appear in the Currently Ignored Suggestions list.

If you mistakenly ignored a suggestion and want it to appear as an auto-complete suggestion again, click the icon.

Ignored Auto-complete Suggestions - Ignored suggestions
Ignored suggestions list