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ClearCheckbook Money Management

A leader in financial management tools since 2006. We Specialize in Budgets, Account Reconciliation, Spending and Saving Reports, Net Worth Metrics and More!

ClearCheckbook Money Management

Welcome to ClearCheckbook where we make it easy to manage your finances. In addition to being a full featured transaction register, with ClearCheckbook you can:
  • Create budgets
  • View spending and income reports
  • Manage your debt
  • Track and pay bills
  • Set reminders and recurring transactions
  • Estimate future balances
  • Import and export transactions
  • View your account across all your devices
  • We're free to sign up and start using
  • Plus much more. Take a tour of our financial tools to learn more!

We're more than a simple transaction register

ClearCheckbook is your all encompassing financial management tool. While our foundation is a transaction register, we built many financial tools on top of that such as a Bill Tracker, Budgeting Tools, Reports, Investment Portfolio, Saving Goal Tracker and more.

Enter your transactions manually or connect your bank to ClearCheckbook and have your transactions automatically downloaded. Once your transactions are in ClearCheckbook, the full power of our financial tools becomes apparent.

ClearCheckbook is helping customers manage over 184 million transactions (and counting)! Sign up today and see how ClearCheckbook can help you with your financial goals.

Use Budgets to Watch Your Spending

Get a better grip on your spending by setting up budgets.

Want to set limits to how much you can spend on a specific account or category? We have a tool built specifically for you! You can set your spending limits and when you would like them to reset and we'll track everything for you.

You can also go back and look at previous months limits and how close to your limit you came. This is a great way of figuring out areas you can cut back in your spending.
ClearCheckbook Budget Calculator

Track Your Bills

Keep track of which bills you've paid and find out which ones will be due soon.

Use our Bill Tracker to manage all of your bills. We'll show you when your bills are due and what upcoming bills you need to prepare for. Once you start paying your bills we'll show you payment history so you can see if your bill payments have gone up or down over time.

The Bill Tracker can also easily be hooked into our Reminders and Recurring Transactions system so you can be notified whenever you have upcoming bills or you can have our system automatically post the transaction to your register.
ClearCheckbook Bill Tracker

Track Your Spending and Saving

Our reports provide powerful insight into where your money is going and how much you're saving.

Want to figure out where all your money's going? We can help you track your savings and expenses and help you grasp what's happening with your money. Select from your various accounts and categories and view them in line, bar, pie and text based reports.

We make it extremely easy to find areas you can cut back on spending and make it easier for you to realize where to cut back in order to save money.
ClearCheckbook Spending and Saving Reports

Schedule Transactions and Reminders

Automatically schedule salary deposits, utility payments and more.)

Have you ever forgotten about a bill that you needed to pay? Never worry about that again! With ClearCheckbook you can schedule transactions and also have us email you as a reminder to pay a bill.

We can also take these recurring transactions and use them to project future balances so you'll have an idea of where your finances will be months from now.
ClearCheckbook Reminders and Recurring Transactions

All Your Finances at a Glance

An overview of all your finances in one easy to find location.

Get a quick glance of every aspect of your finances from our Account Dashboard page. You can add, delete and move various gadgets on this page and this page can be fully customized so you can see and do everything you want.

You can do everything from adding transactions, balancing your checkbook, viewing reports, checking your balances, looking at your budget and more.
ClearCheckbook Account Dashboard

Balance Your Checkbook

The old fashioned checkbook register updated for the modern age.

Let us take your checkbook register to the next level. With our online checkbook register you can mark transactions as cleared/balanced so you always know exactly how much money you have and what transactions have been cleared with your bank.

We will calculate the overall balances for both your uncleared and cleared totals so you'll never accidentally overdraw your account again. This is also a great way of making sure the bank didn't make an error and charge you for something you didn't purchase.
ClearCheckbook Account Reconciling

Premium Features Available

We offer over 65 additional features, tools and settings with our ClearCheckbook Premium upgrade.

If you like the free membership, sign up for the premium membership and start enjoying features like:
  • Connect to your bank
  • Running Balances
  • Automatic Backups to Dropbox
  • File Attachments for Transactions
  • Transaction Histories
  • Custom Fields: Check #, Memo and Payee
  • Limit Histories
  • Multiple users per account
  • Estimating future balances
  • Importing CSV files
  • Over 60 additional tools, features and settings
ClearCheckbook Premium Membership Features
ClearCheckbook is committed to helping you get your finances back in order by providing some of the best tools around for balancing your checkbook, managing your budgets, tracking your spending and more.

Two Methods of Entering your Data:

Connect to a bank and sync your data

If you're a ClearCheckbook Premium member, you can connect your bank accounts to ClearCheckbook so your transactions are automatically downloaded each day. This takes away the stress of keeping receipts and remembering to enter all your purchases.
While we still believe that entering your own transactions gives you a better grasp of your finances, we also realize that a lot of people prefer to have their transactions automatically downloaded. Learn more about connecting to your bank accounts.

Manually enter or import your data

Don't want to connect your bank account? ClearCheckbook was built with the mindset that saving your receipts and manually entering your transactions was the best way to stay on top of your spending. You can add your transactions through the website, one of our mobile apps or by importing a file which you download from your bank.
Note: We never require you to connect to a bank account or enter your bank login details.

Privacy and Security Focused Money Management

ClearCheckbook is committed to keeping your financial data safe and secure. 256-bit SSL Encryption is always enabled when you're accessing ClearCheckbook. All sensitive data such as passwords are never stored in plain text anywhere on our servers. Added security features such as 2 Factor Authentication help give an extra layer of protection to your data as well.

ClearCheckbook in the Cloud

ClearCheckbook is Everywhere You Are

We make managing your finances easy by providing access to your data from any device that has internet connectivity. With ClearCheckbook you don't need to feel like all of your financial data is trapped on your PC.

ClearCheckbook can be accessed from more than one location and on multiple devices simply by logging into your account. All of your data is stored centrally on our servers so no matter which device you check, all of your information is up to date.
This cloud-centric approach makes it extremely easy to enter your transactions, check account balances, view budgets and more from anywhere you have an internet connection.
Out at the store buying groceries? On the couch surfing on your tablet? No problem, use one of our mobile apps to access ClearCheckbook. Any changes you make will be immediately synced with our server.
This syncing approach is very useful for couples or families with joint bank accounts. If one person is out shopping and entering their transactions, the other person can immediately see the effect of this on their account balances from their phone or computer. is an extremely easy way to balance your checkbook online, track your spending, set a budget, manage your money and more. As an online checkbook, you enter your receipts into the site and assign each transaction to an account and category. You can go back through the online checkbook register and mark transactions as "Cleared". This way you will always know what transactions have been cleared with the bank and how much money you have. We also use the account/categories you assign a transaction to generate reports and use them for your budgets.

We encourage you to try the site out and see how it can help you manage your money and get your finances under control. The site is completely free to sign up and use. We also have some additional premium features that can be activated for a very small monthly payment.

In addition to our main website, we also offer money management applications built specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices. All of our apps sync directly with the website so you'll always be on top of your finances.

Money management is more important now than ever. With everyone taking more of an interest in tightening their budgets, having a powerful tool at your disposal to track all your spending and saving, as well as viewing reports and setting budgets is extremely important. Take a tour of our financial tools and see if ClearCheckbook is the right tool for helping you manage your money.

Don't just take it from us...

Our customers are our biggest fans. Here's a glimpse at what some of them are saying.

"In the time I have been with ClearCheckBook, every facet of my finances has improved. Whether it be the reports showing exactly where every single dollar is going, or the reminder/recurring transactions calendar that helps me keep up to date with bills, or maybe the fact that I now have a better grasp of budgeting my funds with the Limits gadget. Regardless, the site is set up for easy useage and remains the ultimate personal finance site for any individual, family or small business. There are so many other features offered that are available that will help anyone tackle their finances no matter what the goal be: whether it be budgeting, proposing, or even if you just simply want an online checkbook without taking the risk of sacraficing any of your personal information"

"This is by far the BEST check management program out there, and it is largely free. It is simple, straightforward, answers questions and queries as they occur to the user in plain, clear English, and is a joy to work with. Glitches are addressed expeditiously, the forum is quite useful, and, in sum, after being buried in all the multiple problems of Quicken (access to tech support, overwhelming options, clunky data saving files, etc.), I feel like I've emerged from a long, dark tunnel into light!"

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