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CheckBot is now running

9/20/2006 in ClearCheckbook Updates
CheckBot has been released! CheckBot is the newest and easiest way to keep track of your finances while you're on the go. If you have a cellphone that has SMS (text messaging) or AIM capabilities, you can now update your account from anywhere you have cellphone reception! Read more about it here.

Import QIF records

9/10/2006 in ClearCheckbook Updates
The ability to import QIF files from your bank account, Quicken or Microsoft Money has been added to the site.

n order to make it easy to keep your finances organized, we have a page that allows you to import Quicken Interchange Format (QIF), OFX and QFX files that will automatically be added to our account on ClearCheckbook. In order to make this process simple and as pain free as possible, we show you all the records and let you verify them before they are added to the site.

You can modify the description (since the descriptions the banks give your purchases don't make too much sense), you can modify the amounds, transaction type and date all before submitting them to your account. If one entry is invalid, you can remove it with the click of a button. On the import screen, we also give you the ability to choose which account these entries are for. In addition to that, you can also select the date range of the items you want to import from the QIF, OFX or QFX file.

New server for better reliability

9/8/2006 in ClearCheckbook Updates
The site has been switched to a new server and was down for about a day. The old host ( don't ever decide to use them to host a site) had been down for the better part of the day and that was enough incentive to switch servers. The site is now hosted on which has a much much better uptime.

The SSL will be down for a few days while we get a new IP and re-do the certificate. It will be back shortly. The site will still continue to function as normal even though it does not have SSL.


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