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What have we been up to since the ClearCheckbook version 5 update?

9/4/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates

ClearCheckbook version 5 was launched on August 15th and since then we've been making a lot of updates to improve the speed of the site.

If you feel like ClearCheckbook has been loading and responding a little quicker than normal, you're not imagining things! We've been hard at work upgrading many aspects of both the hardware and software running ClearCheckbook to help improve response and load times.

Some of the updates we've made:
  • Doubled the RAM in our database - This improves data caching which dramatically decreases the time it takes to look up items in the database
  • Separated sessions, job queue and cache into separate databases - This helps the site make different types of requests for information without causing a data backlog
  • Updated the server configuration to better handle higher traffic periods - Adding more CPUs during high traffic period helps throughput and response time
  • Updated asset compression and cache expiration - This speeds things up by telling the browser to store certain files for a longer period of time
  • Changed the home page slightly and changed image formats - Changing the layout of the home page helped us remove some of the files that were loading and using up unnecessary bandwidth
  • Added a slight delay in the auto-complete fields - Rather than querying the database every time a keystroke is made, it will now ping the database a few tenths of a second after the last ping.

We hope these improvements have been noticeable and have helped make the site feel a little snappier. We'll continue to monitor various aspects of the site and work on making speed and response improvements as needed.

How to fix being logged out even with the 'Remember Me' option chosen

8/20/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates

If you're experiencing the issue of needing to log back in every few hours even if you have the 'Remember Me' option selected when signing in, you just need to clear your browser's cache/cookie data for ClearCheckbook.

We discovered that some users who were logged into ClearCheckbook while the upgrade to Version 5 was taking place might be experiencing this problem. It comes down to your browser having cookies from the old version of ClearCheckbook which are conflicting with those set by the current version.

Your browser should give you the ability to clear the cache and private data for specific websites. To learn how to do this, you can consult the FAQ/Help docs in your specific browser.

For example, doing this in Firefox is very straightforward. Simply load the Preferences and then click on Privacy & Security. Next, click on the Manage Data button under the Cookies and Site Data section. You can type into the search box and then remove all the data.

This will remove all cookies. Once the cookies are removed, simply sign out of ClearCheckbook if you're currently signed in, and then sign in again clicking the 'Remember Me' option.

Automatic Backups to Google Drive will need to be re-authenticated

8/12/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The current Google Drive authentication tokens will no longer be valid after we upgrade to ClearCheckbook version 5 on Saturday August 15th @ 10pm EDT

If you currently have Automatic Backups enabled to Google Drive, you will need to re-authenticate ClearCheckbook with Google drive after we perform the upgrade to Version 5. We're using an updated Google Drive API and the current authentication strings aren't compatible with the new version.

This does not affect Dropbox users. If you have backups enabled to Dropbox, they will continue to work properly after the upgrade to Version 5.

Latest updates and status of the mobile apps

7/15/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates
If you're curious about the status of updates and bug fixes to the iOS or Android apps, you can check our support forum posts for each OS for more information.

Android -

iOS -

Last Call for iOS and Android Beta Testers!

6/16/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We're getting close to finishing up beta testing both the iOS and Android apps but we'd like a little more feedback on the apps to find any issues we may not have uncovered yet.

If you would like to help us test either the iOS or Android app, please follow the appropriate link below to sign up for the beta testing.

iOS -

Android -

We look forward to your feedback and getting the new apps ready for launch!


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