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Account Balances Update - FAQ's

10/15/2012 in Miscellaneous
As we said in our previous blog post, we completely overhauled the way your account balances are calculated. The vast majority of you won't notice any difference in your balances, but some of you might. We want to address a few common questions that might arise due to this update.

Question: Why are there new accounts called No Account in my account list?
Answer: No Account appears when you have transactions in your register that don't belong to an account. This can be caused by adding transactions and not selecting an account to add them to or by deleting an account but not the associated transactions. To remove these from your list of account balances, simply click on the No Account link and then edit the transactions so they belong to an account or delete them.

Question: Why are my balances different than they were before the update?
Answer: The balances that now appear on the site are calculated by adding up every transaction you've added to your register. It's possible your previous balances were off by a little bit and you didn't notice. If the balances are incorrect, go back and make sure all of the transactions you've entered into the site also appear on your bank statements and that the amounts match.

Question: Where is the Refresh Balances link?
Answer: Since the balances are calculated on demand each time you load the page, there's no need for the Refresh Balances link. In the old method of handling balances, that link was needed if the balances were incorrect and needed to be re-calculated. Now, each time the page loads it's essentially like clicking the Refresh Balances link.

Weekly Update: February 10 - February 17

2/19/2007 in Miscellaneous
There have been a few updates this week. We released the Help Documentation / FAQs so everyone can have a quick reference if they have a question with the website. The other addition is a way to add new categories and accounts directly from the Add Entry page. This will help make it easy for everyone if they want to add a new spending category without leaving the Add Entry page.

The site still continues to grow quickly as we now have over 130,000 entries and almost 2,400 active users. Thanks to everyone who is actively spreading the word about ClearCheckbook to your friends!

On a side note, we're probably going to change the Weekly Update post to a Monthly Update post as there will be more information to give.

Weekly Update: February 3, 2007 - February 9, 2007

2/12/2007 in Miscellaneous
Things have been going well for ClearCheckbook again. We're over 2,200 active users now which is great! I've started working on some documentation for the website, so expect to see that up within a few weeks.

There were a few minor updates made to the site, but nothing major. At the end of this month I plan on working heavily on some much needed updates to the site. I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what those are and when they're released.

In the mean time, keep spreading the word of the site and help the ClearCheckbook community grow!

Weekly Update: January 27, 2007 - February 2, 2007

2/2/2007 in Miscellaneous
This week has been a very big week for ClearCheckbook. We finished a major upgrade with the spending limits as well as some other minor updates to checkbot, account handling and the login. In addition to those updates we finally broke the 2,000 active user mark today. This is a great achievement for ClearCheckbook. Just to give something to compare, back in September 2006 we had around 350 members.

As a previous post this week stated, the Purdue University CSR 342 Personal Finance course is once again using ClearCheckbook in conjunction with the spending exercises. There has also been a large influx of Spanish speaking members joining in the last few hours. If someone could link us to the article or publication that talks about ClearCheckbook, that would be great! We love being able to see the stories that talk about our site.

As usual, continue telling your friends about the site and help spread the word!

Weekly Update: January 20, 2007 - January 26, 2007

1/28/2007 in Miscellaneous
Statistics wise, the stats are about the same as they have been the last two weeks. No real major increase or decrease in the amount of new members or entries made.

There have been a few major updates to the site since the last Weekly Update however. Checkbot has been updated and the new Spending Limits for categories have been implemented. There has already been an overwhelming amount of people setting up their monthly category spending limits and that's great to see.

Keep on sending in those requests / questions / comments as we love to read them.



For minor updates and bug fixes, check out our Site Updates in the Support Forums.