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Weekly Update: February 10 - February 17

2/19/2007 in Miscellaneous
There have been a few updates this week. We released the Help Documentation / FAQs so everyone can have a quick reference if they have a question with the website. The other addition is a way to add new categories and accounts directly from the Add Entry page. This will help make it easy for everyone if they want to add a new spending category without leaving the Add Entry page.

The site still continues to grow quickly as we now have over 130,000 entries and almost 2,400 active users. Thanks to everyone who is actively spreading the word about ClearCheckbook to your friends!

On a side note, we're probably going to change the Weekly Update post to a Monthly Update post as there will be more information to give.

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just the thing
this site is just the thing!!! i'm so pleased I can hardly stand it. thanks!!
by cantorman on Mar 4, 2008
Site is great - love mobile WebOS app....keep up the good work....
by ej1842 on Feb 6, 2011



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