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ClearCheckbook Founder Interviewed by Starter Story

9/21/2021 in In The Press

ClearCheckbook Founder Brandon was interviewed by Starter Story recently and they did a great job of getting some stories about ClearCheckbook's beginnings through present day.

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Starter Story is a great site to check out if you're looking for some inspiration about how many different web entities were founded, developed and how they grew over time.

ClearCheckbook is Sacramento\'s News 10 App of the Day

4/5/2013 in In The Press
We received an email today letting us know that News 10 in Sacramento, CA chose ClearCheckbook Money Management as their App of the Day. They have a nice little video that highlights some of the features of our app. The video can be found here:

On a related note, we're also seeking Blackberry and Windows Phone developers to help us get our app out to those devices. If you know C++ or .NET and have experience with one of the previously mentioned mobile environments and would like to get paid to help us with these apps, please contact us through one of the methods at the bottom right side of the page. hits 130,000 users and becomes an industry player

10/15/2010 in In The Press hits 130,000 users and becomes an industry player

Grassroots online checkbook registry hits 130,000 registrants and users.

Albuquerque, NM (October 15, 2010) – (, a free online checkbook registry, announced today that is has surpassed 130,000 registrants in its user base; becoming a true online industry player for the first time.

"When I founded Clearcheckbook in my dorm room in 2006, I never fathomed it reaching this kind of success or user base," says founder and CEO, Brandon O'Brien, regarding the beginnings of Clearcheckbook. "I created Clearcheckbook merely for myself, as a way for me to stay on top of my budget, and make sure I wasn't overdrafting my account every month. I posted a link to my program on a computer-geek forum one night, and bam, people really wanted to know more, see more, and use my program for their finances too. Even then, I had no idea it could ever reach this level.

O'Brien first launched from his dorm room in May of 2006 at Purdue University. At a grassroots level, Clearcheckbook quickly gained recognition and continued to grow every day. In December of 2008, while working a full-time job as a Webmaster for Eclipse Aviation, Brandon decided to give the users what they kept asking for, a fee-based premium membership level. Until that date, all transactions, tracking, and features were entirely free. In December of 2008, O'Brien added a simple step-up, futuristic tracking, in-depth reporting, and comprehensive reporting.

"Even with the addition of the premium membership for a fee, I really want this site to be free and accessible to anyone and everyone," O'Brien states when asked about the fee-service. "The more I have become involved with Clearcheckbook, and the more I have begun to look at other online banking and tracking sites, the more I really do believe that any single person should have the ability and freedom to manage their money at no cost to them."

Since its inception, Clearcheckbook members have had over 12 million transactions. New sign-ups are averaging approximately 190 – 250 a day. And mobile app downloads couldn't look better, WebOS: 25,486 Android: 10,909; iPhone: 1,897.

About Clearcheckbook

Clearcheckbook is an online checkbook registry, that enables users to balance their checkbook online, track spending, set a budget, manage multiple accounts in one space, and much more. Clearcheckbook is unique from other online money management sites as its focus is on given the user ownership of their money and accounts. Clearcheckbook maintains a reputation for high quality service, dependable and easy-to-use interface, exceptional responsiveness, and best-in-class customer centric practices. Clearcheckbook routinely posts news and other important information on its website at For more information on Clearcheckbook and its services, visit its website at

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ClearCheckbook founder Brandon O'Brien interviewed

2/27/2007 in In The Press
I was interviewed last week for the "It's Your Money" website by Michael. He seemed very impressed with the site and all the features, especially that we're offering it for free.

Here's an excerpt regarding the interview:
"For anyone who's interested in reading a pretty long article, swing over and check out my interview with Brandon O'Brien. He's the guy who created Clear Checkbook, a pretty new site that allows folks to track and manage their financial accounts, track their spending, and set up reminders ... for free.

And to think I actually used to use a paper checkbook register.


To view the whole interview, check it out here:

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