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Account Balances Update - FAQ's

10/15/2012 in Miscellaneous
As we said in our previous blog post, we completely overhauled the way your account balances are calculated. The vast majority of you won't notice any difference in your balances, but some of you might. We want to address a few common questions that might arise due to this update.

Question: Why are there new accounts called No Account in my account list?
Answer: No Account appears when you have transactions in your register that don't belong to an account. This can be caused by adding transactions and not selecting an account to add them to or by deleting an account but not the associated transactions. To remove these from your list of account balances, simply click on the No Account link and then edit the transactions so they belong to an account or delete them.

Question: Why are my balances different than they were before the update?
Answer: The balances that now appear on the site are calculated by adding up every transaction you've added to your register. It's possible your previous balances were off by a little bit and you didn't notice. If the balances are incorrect, go back and make sure all of the transactions you've entered into the site also appear on your bank statements and that the amounts match.

Question: Where is the Refresh Balances link?
Answer: Since the balances are calculated on demand each time you load the page, there's no need for the Refresh Balances link. In the old method of handling balances, that link was needed if the balances were incorrect and needed to be re-calculated. Now, each time the page loads it's essentially like clicking the Refresh Balances link.

Comments for this post:

Bring back the refresh
We need the refresh option to make sure we are entering everything properly. It is not convenient at all to have to get out of the page and reload it every time I want to see my new balance. This is backwards. Please bring it back.
by Eva Dingwall on Oct 15, 2012
Re: Bring back the refresh

It's not backwards at all. The balances automatically refresh which means there is absolutely no need for the Refresh Balances link. That was just there previously in case the balances were incorrect. The new updates ensure that the balances are correct every time (by essentially automatically running the same functions the Refresh Balances script would have)
by Brandon on Oct 15, 2012
No Account Shown
What I'm noticing is on the dashboard gadget, NO ACCOUNT is listed for accounts that are marked inactive.

When I'm on a particular Account register page - these accounts do not show in the Account Overview -- only on the home screen.
by dansah on Oct 16, 2012
Re: No Account Shown

We've fixed this issue.
by Brandon on Oct 16, 2012
Please bring the refresh balances back, this update is very inconvenient.
by bluumrlin on Oct 16, 2012
Working Great
I noticed the improvements immediately. I used to have some issues when adding transactions to a few accounts at once, the balance on the screen would reflect another account balance of min, not necessarily the one listed.

Things now seem to balance and stay reflective of the selected account each time. This was an annoyance that I am very happy to see addressed. Thanks!
by rvedutis on Oct 17, 2012
It's great not having to need the refresh balances anymore, and the site is much faster.
by cswroe on Oct 17, 2012
how transactions are listed
How do I change my transactions to be listed reverse chronologically (newest first, oldest last)? They are now listed with oldest first, so instead of recent appearing on the first page, I have to go to the last page (page 126 of mine) to get to my most recent.
by madsenmoney on Oct 17, 2012
RE: how transactions are listed
You can change the sorting of your transactions by clicking on the Date column again. This will sort them newest to oldest.
by SiliconTrance on Oct 17, 2012
Missing credit card payments
I've been using the site since 2007, and with a credit card account that I've had since 2008, I'm seeing an incorrectly large outstanding balance (where the jived/unjived balances were correct prior to the balances update).

After doing a search for 'credit card payment', I see that the 'credit' side of several payments to that account no longer exist. That is to say, there are debits from the various bank accounts that I made payments from, with no matching credit to the problematic account. The missing credits seem to begin in March of 2009 and date back to when I made the first payment in February of 2008.

Interestingly, beginning with a payment made on 12/18/08 (and going backwards in time), the payment transactions do not have the 'Transfer' tag. Not sure if that's significant.
by ccurrie on Oct 17, 2012
Refresh feature removal
I'm glad that the balance refresh is automatic now, but I am not seeing this work.

When I enter a new transaction - the overall balance doesn't update as you've stated it should. I have to go to another page and come back since the refresh button is gone. I am using firefox and tried it on IE and noticed the same issue.

What could I be doing wrong?
by GeorgieEvans on Oct 21, 2012
RE: Refresh feature removal
Please use the contact us link at the bottom right side of the page if you have specific problems with the balances refreshing. In all our test cases on various browsers and operating systems we haven't run into a single issue with getting the balances to automatically refresh.

If we can get a little more information from you such as what page you're trying to add transactions from and the method you're adding them (the add transaction link at the top of the page vs. the add transaction gadget) we can work on figuring out what's going on.
by Brandon on Oct 21, 2012
Everything looking great on my end. Didn't encounter any of the issues reported by ccurrie. On the other hand, when I make payments to credit cards/lines of credit, I do two separate transactions, one withdrawal, one deposit...
by ToXrZWqcX7Ud6h6rl2FfUBMM6N25RhM7 on Oct 22, 2012
Refresh button
Mine is not automatically refreshing when I add a transaction either. Sometimes I have to go to the Overviews page and then back to the Register to get my balances to change. It is a pain and was much easier when I could just click on the Refresh button. Please bring it back!
by arrington on Oct 23, 2012
arrington, I just hit F5 to refresh the page. I guess you just hit the "refresh balances" button instead? Seems like we were accomplishing the same thing
by ToXrZWqcX7Ud6h6rl2FfUBMM6N25RhM7 on Oct 23, 2012
It would seem to me that simply putting back the Refresh Balance link would be a nice customer feature. It will lend a level of comfort to the user. What could it hurt?
by acr_scout on Oct 27, 2012
Here is another comfort reason to replace the refresh balance link. As I put in a list of transactions that my be from several days in the past they stay at the top of the list and the running balance and running jive does not automatically calculate. On quick click of the refresh link and all things are good to go. Again, just a usability comfort thing.
by acr_scout on Oct 27, 2012
You don't need a refresh button. Just click on "All." It accomplishes the same thing.
by twim7693 on Oct 28, 2012
wrong balance still
i miss the refresh balance link and my account balance is incorrect. How do I get this fixed?
by hendrix24 on Nov 12, 2012
Brandon, et all: The refresh button is necessary. whenever i make a change, i have to go to another account and back before i can make another change. sometimes, i put budget amounts into clearcheckbook and replace those with actuals when I pay bills. If there are multiple changes, clear checkbook will not catch them all unless I refresh the page - either with the old refresh button or, laboriously, going out to another account and back.

by eepace on Nov 15, 2012
Deleting "No Account" transactions
Is there a way of deleting all transactions without going through thousands of them?
by mikeb704 on Mar 31, 2014



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