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Weekly Update: January 27, 2007 - February 2, 2007

2/2/2007 in Miscellaneous
This week has been a very big week for ClearCheckbook. We finished a major upgrade with the spending limits as well as some other minor updates to checkbot, account handling and the login. In addition to those updates we finally broke the 2,000 active user mark today. This is a great achievement for ClearCheckbook. Just to give something to compare, back in September 2006 we had around 350 members.

As a previous post this week stated, the Purdue University CSR 342 Personal Finance course is once again using ClearCheckbook in conjunction with the spending exercises. There has also been a large influx of Spanish speaking members joining in the last few hours. If someone could link us to the article or publication that talks about ClearCheckbook, that would be great! We love being able to see the stories that talk about our site.

As usual, continue telling your friends about the site and help spread the word!

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The URL link where i found you

This is the link where i found this great and beautiful software.

This is a blog that continuosly update with the mst recent information about sofware news.
by andymaster on Feb 2, 2007



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