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Jiving gets a new name: Clearing

2/27/2023 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The term Jiving has been replaced with Clearing to help avoid confusion about the reconciliation process.

When ClearCheckbook was first founded back in 2006, we had used the term Jive (a homonym for jibe/gibe, to be in accordance), but over the years this has lead to a lot of confusion about what it actually meant and what the purpose was. To make things a little clearer, we're changing Jive/Jiving/Jived to Clear/Clearing/Cleared. This will make it more apparent what the term is and help make the reconciliation process easier for new customers.

Nothing has changed as far as the process for clearing your accounts and transactions go, it's just the naming that has been updated. If you're used to the jiving process, just keep an eye out for the updated terminology.

The website has been updated and we'll be working on getting the mobile apps updated soon.

Comments for this post:

Aw Man, I Loved Jive!!!
But this site is great, thank you for the hard work on keeping it going all these years!
by rsmith53 on Feb 27, 2023
Bye Jive
Thank you SO very much. I would have been all for keeping Jive if you would have allowed users to select a word they would have liked to see. Jive or Clear Boom or Shazam (well...I think you get the point). Nonetheless...thank you!!
by brentandtenafox on Feb 28, 2023
That's jive, man!
Thanks for the update, Brandon! Works for me, either way.
by sahlady on Feb 28, 2023
All grown up
I always thought that jive was a bit immature and culturally specific so I welcome the name change to a more businesslike grown up name for a grown up businesslike function. Thank you for this valuable control system for my finances which I rely on enormously in these difficult times.
by John J Smith on Feb 28, 2023
Jive / Clear
Just doesn't make any difference to me, great software. Thanks for whay you do.
by jbratko on Feb 28, 2023
Brandon, Jive has been great all these years. Best product of this kind on the market Thanks for keeping it going
by rcollins001 on Feb 28, 2023
Come on man! Don't give me no jive. Looks like you're going corporate.

Bring back Jive!

Either way, Clear Check is the best. Love it.
by trynet53 on Mar 1, 2023
Overseas user
More understandable than JiveCheckBook for a non-English overseas user, but great anyway. Thanks for your incredible work and support.
by Vicentec on Mar 1, 2023
My husband and I have been using clearcheckbook for well over a decade. Both of us are disappointed in the change. "Jiving" the account has become part of our vernacular.
by KaulFam on Mar 2, 2023
Sad Times...
I agree... "Jive" shall be missed. Feels stuffy now. Either way, thanks for the awesome service!!!
by hickwillie on Mar 3, 2023
I keep hesitating to click "Clear" because I am afraid I am deleting something. I really liked the term "Jive!" Can I choose?
by gnhlear on Mar 4, 2023
Sounds like by the comments we need JIVE back
by rcollins001 on Mar 7, 2023



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