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Half of a Million Transactions recorded!

7/16/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
Last night we passed the 500,000 transaction mark. This is yet another huge milestone for ClearCheckbook and it's great to see the site doing so well and continually growing. Getting over half a million transactions in a little more than a year should tell you a little something about how many people use the site on a daily basis and how we're helping a lot of people stay on top of their money.

Development of V2 hasn't been making huge progress due to other projects and other time restraints. In another week or two, the load on the developers should lighten up greatly and we can focus a lot more time on getting v2 out the door.

Got an iPhone? You've got ClearCheckbook.

7/5/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
Reports are starting to trickle in from our users who recently purchased an iPhone and they're telling us that the ClearCheckbook performs beautifully on the iPhone.

We had to delay our development of the mobile version of the site due to some other projects, but we will soon begin working on it again. The new Mobile version of the site will be optimized for devices like the iPhone, taking load times and the amount of data displayed into consideration.

Are you currently using an iPhone? Let us know how the site works for you or if you've noticed any problems with the site by sending us a comment or posting a response to this blog post.


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