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Update on Mobile Apps

1/22/2010 in ClearCheckbook News
I wanted to give everyone an update on where we stand with the mobile apps. We have been putting the finishing touches on our API that we're using to interact with the apps and have been making some good progress on the apps themselves.

We will be adding a ClearCheckbook app to the Android marketplace and Palm WebOS App Catalog some time the week of February 1st. The iPhone application will be added soon after those.

After releasing the apps we will be opening up our API so other people can start developing for more devices and platforms (like the blackberry and various widgets for sites all over the web).

We will post more information when the apps are released.

Rollover Budgets now available!

1/7/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We just upgraded the Budgets/Spending Limits tool by adding a "Rollover" option. This option, if enabled, will let your spending limits rollover each month. This means that any unused money will be added to the limit for the following month.

Here's an example: You have a limit set on Entertainment for $100 a month. Lets say you only spend $50 this month. When the limit resets, your new limit will be $150 for the next month.

The opposite is also true though. If you spend more than your limit, your limit for the next month will be smaller by the amount you over spent.

You'll be able to tell which limits are set to rollover by an icon next to the limit amount.

New "Page Specific" Help Topics!

1/6/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We just rolled out an upgrade that will allow you to get help topics specific to the page you're viewing by clicking on a new Help tab at the top right side of the page. This new tab will appear on any page where there is specific help topics for that page.

This new help tab will cover frequently asked questions as well as provide some walkthroughs that cover some of the tasks for the page you're viewing. This will make it much easier to find helpful information and answer those quick questions you might have without digging through the entire help section.

We will keep the help topics up to date by updating them if we find users are still having trouble with certain aspects of the site. If there's a question/answer you think we should add to any of the help topics, please let us know!


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