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A Friendly Reminder to Check the Year When You Enter Your Transactions

12/29/2017 in Budgeting Tips
Each new year we always get countless emails from people saying that their transactions aren't appearing in the correct order, either above all other transactions or buried deep in their transactions for last year. When entering your transactions around this time of year, be very cognizant of the year you're entering them for. It's extremely easy to accidentally enter the wrong year if you're going from December 2017 transactions to January 2018. If you don't change the year, you'll accidentally enter your January 2018 transactions as 2017 instead. The reverse is true where if you're entering January 2018 transactions and then go back to enter December 2017 transactions and forget to change the year, they'll be entered as 2018 and appear at the top of your list.

Thanks and Happy New Year from ClearCheckbook!

Comments for this post:

Excellent reminder!
Thank you, ClearCheckbook! :-)
by Sky_21 on Jan 1, 2018



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