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How a budget can get you through the unstable economy

8/17/2011 in Budgeting Tips
With the unpredictable fluctuations in today’s economy, having a budget is a smart way to pay off your debts or save up a nest egg for when times get tough. Our budget calculator provides you with an easy way to set budgets on your accounts and categories so you can work toward saving some extra money.

Using a budget calculator will help keep your spending in line and help you purchase only what you need to in order to help stop yourself from buying unnecessary items. By setting up a budget for your spending categories, you can make sure you’re not going over your budgets. It’s also a great way to see if you have enough money in your budget to purchase something new.

After setting up a budget and following it, that extra money can be put toward paying off debts or saving up for a new purchase. With investments as shaky as they have been, paying off debts is a great way to get your feet on solid ground so once the financial markets even out, you can feel better about investing money since you don’t have any debt hovering over your head.

If you don’t have any debts, you can use the money you save to make new purchases. Saving up for a vacation or a new car is a great excuse to set up a budget and track all the money you’re saving. You’ll be amazed at how much a budget can help you reduce your spending. In conjunction with our spending reports, you’ll know exactly how much you’re currently spending and that’s a great way to figure out how much you should budget for your various spending categories and accounts.

Creating a budget is extremely easy. Simply look at how much you’re spending now in your various categories and accounts, then figure out how much you can reduce the spending and still have enough money to live. Take that number and enter it into your budget and we’ll track how close you get to it as you enter your transactions into the site.

Even if you think you don’t need to set a budget because you’re making more than you’re spending, you’ll be surprised how much money you’re spending on things you don’t need. You can then use all that money you save by following your budget to treat yourself or invest in your retirement. Budgeting isn’t just for people who are struggling financially, budgets can help anyone who is looking to save some money.

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