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ClearCheckbook 2010 Roundup

12/31/2010 in ClearCheckbook News
ClearCheckbook has had a great 2010 and we look forward to making 2011 even better. In 2010 alone, we had more new signups than the previous 3 years combined, closing the year with around 147,000 users.

In 2010 we also released mobile apps for WebOS, Android and iPhone. These mobile apps have brought in over 45,000 new users alone. We know there are some feature requests and updates needed for the mobile apps and we will be addressing these in 2011.

What does 2011 hold in store for We're currently working on a complete overhaul and refresh to the site. We've been working on it for about a month and will continue putting more time and effort into it as we progress. This new refresh is taking many of the suggestions we've received over the last year into account while building the next version. Aside from new features and tweaks to the way current features work, we're re-coding the site from the ground up to help make future growth easier.

The new site will visually look pretty similar and behave about the same as the current version, but everything will be quicker and much more intuitive. We know you've become adjusted to the way the current site works, so we are striving to keep things as similar as possible in the next version.

Along with a refresh of the website, we're also working to release updated versions of all mobile apps in conjunction with the launch of the new site. This is a huge undertaking but we know it will pay off by making things even smoother between the website and mobile apps.

While I'm not going to start tossing out any kind of deadlines for the next version of the site yet, I just want to reassure you that ClearCheckbook is going strong and we're going to continue to be an industry player and make money management even easier.

We haven't been as active in the Support Forums because we've been focusing most of our resources on the development of the new site, but if you have any questions that go unanswered there, please don't hesitate to send us an email by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom right side of the page. We always answer any email that requires a response.

Thank you for a great 2010 and we look forward to making 2011 and the upcoming years even more exciting.

Brandon O'Brien
Founder of

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display 2 currencies
I use EURO on one bank account and Swiss francs on another bank account. But at the end you display the SUM only in 1 (default) currency. This is not OK, since you don’t use the conversion rate for the display. I suggest that you either use the conversion rate or you display the SUM 2 times for each currency separately.
Kind regards,
by zgec on Jan 2, 2011
How to set up currency conversions

The sum of the two accounts should be converted to whatever your global default currency is set at (under Settings and then Accounts. Global Default Currency is displayed at the bottom of the page).

You also need to make sure the currency conversions are accurate (You can do this by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page and then click on Currency Conversions). It lets you set the rate for each currency compared to the global default currency.

I'm testing it out right now on an account with two currencies (Euro and GBP, with Euro set as default and the current exchange rates updated in the Currency Conversions area). I made two test transactions, one for 100 in the Euro account and one for 100 in the GBP account. The overall balance is correctly displayed at 216 Euros.
by SiliconTrance on Jan 2, 2011



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