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ClearCheckbook 2012 Year Roundup

1/2/2013 in ClearCheckbook News
We did this last year and thought it would be good to give everyone some information about the site from 2012. We had 42,534 new users sign up (43% from mobile devices).

In 2012 we had 2,475,672 visits (466,274 unique) to the site which added up to a total of 15,492,688 pageviews. The average person visits 6.25 pages each time they come to the site and stay for an average of 7:42. All of these stats are up from 2011 which is a great sign.

In addition to the site numbers growing, we were also busy keeping the site updated. Over the course of the year we issued 227 bug fixes, updates and tweaks to the site. There were also 8 major updates / new features in 2012. We added/overhauled the following:
* Auto-Jive Tool
* Balances Timeline in Reports
* iOS app redeveloped
* Investment Portfolio
* Automatic categorization of Imported Transactions
* Re-arranging Transaction Register Columns
* Money Lending Tracker
* Budgets Overhaul

We've already mentioned it recently, but our plan for 2013 is to focus on the mobile apps the first part of the year. We plan on overhauling/updating the existing apps as well as building apps for other mobile platforms such as Blackberry and Windows Phone. Once we have the mobile apps all updated and available for download we will focus on some new features and updates for the site.

Comments for this post:

thank you
nice !, keep up the good work !
by tidzar on Jan 3, 2013
This is a wonderful product that keeps getting better.
by kmvanbrunt on Jan 3, 2013
Great news, keep going...
by Dermot on Jan 3, 2013
I love the ClearCheckbook both for desktop and mobile, thank you for an awesome product!!! there any way for the mobile site to remember previous transactions so you don’t have to type them out, like the desktop?
by kverdi on Jan 5, 2013
I agree with the above comment - having the mobile app remember previous transactions the way the website does would be fantastic. It is one of my favorite features of CC.
by lruhlman on Jan 8, 2013
I will also agree with the above and request the mobile app remember your transaction
by gdphishman817 on Jan 11, 2013
I love ClearCheckbook! Thank you...
by briankelly63 on Jan 19, 2013
CCB had a great improvements! thanks.
by Agostinho on Feb 23, 2013
Yay Brandon! Yay, ClearCheckbook.
One of my very favorite $$ tools. Love it on the iPad, too.
by luxlioness on Mar 1, 2013
Windows Phone
Really, what is taking so long?
by Oditius.old.1403735490 on Mar 9, 2013
Auto Fill on App
I agree with the above request for the auto-fill for the Iphone App. On another note, awesome Job with the site over the years, I couldn't imagine using another management tool and I recommend it to everyone. Keep it up!
by rvalentine25 on Mar 10, 2013
Today my APP moved to a different page on my phone and all my deposits disappeared. The balance is totally wrong. How can I correct this?
by gym2james on Mar 12, 2013



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