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ClearCheckbook April Roundup

5/1/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
Like most other months, April has continued to show growth in the site. We had 300,000 transactions added this month with over 1,600 new active users. Our donation goal was also met within the first two weeks of the month and that's great news!

Development of V3 is still going strong. We have the new layout up and some of the other basic functionality of the site working on our development machines. We've also started working on some of the more unique and new features for the site and they're already looking really cool.

Comments for this post:

IM curious!, i was wondering if i can get a screenshot of the new layout? im VERY excited :)
by eliseoperez05 on May 8, 2008
Haha, not yet. It's still under tight wraps at this point. We might give away some more details as time gets closer.
by Brandon on May 8, 2008

You only mention 2 Apple products as being compatible with your Mobile version; do you ever plan on making it fully compatible with Windows Mobile 6 devices? I realize Apple products are trendy & adorable, but don't forget the 20-million of us who prefer WM6 devices (you know, those phones with the decent cameras, expandable storage, long-lasting & removable batteries, a choice of service providers, good value for the money, and so on).


by sjw on May 13, 2008
New to site
I just signed up for this site and I am quite impressed. There are only a few things that would keep me from using this as my only financial software. The main issue I am having so far is "jiving". I imported all my transaction from Quicken (which worked very well, kudos on that) but I didn't tell it to jive the transactions on import thinking that it would be easy to compare and jive later, but unless I am missing something there is no mass jive option. This combined with no running total for the accounts on the transaction list would seem to make it very difficult to reconcile with a bank statement.

If you are considering new features might I suggest some form of alerts to email and/or cell phone? Maybe if account balance gets to low or if you are getting too close to a set spending limit.

Also a way to customize the reports a little more would be very nice. Such as filter out certain categories or transactions.

Overall this site is almost exactly what I have been looking for and is done very nicely. Thanks for all the hard work.
by christcb on May 22, 2008
New To site

Great site, though only two things that seem to stop me replacing using MS Money as my main balancing tool are

1) Doesnt show a running balance next to the entries - this is really useful for a quick comparison to my banks website

2)Unless I am mistaken reminders only get added into the register on the date they occur on. At the start of each month I enter all my known large expenses into Money for that month and all the reminders for the next month show up. Then I can see how much cash I should have left by the end of the month. maybe its just the way I use Money.

But a great service none the less
by smdavey71 on Jun 3, 2008
How's Production?
Just wondering how production on the new version is going. I anxiously look each time I log in to see if there's a "May Roundup" but there hasn't been one.

Fernando Sanchez
by fernden on Jun 15, 2008
Web enabled phone support
Is there a plan to increase availability to use WAP to access the site? Verizon won't let you even view the website because it doesn't like the server certificate. Being able to view or add transactions from a web enabled phone rather than through SMS would be awesome.
by shadewes on Jun 25, 2008



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