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ClearCheckbook iOS app now available!

8/16/2016 in ClearCheckbook News
We're happy to announce that the ClearCheckbook app for iOS is now available for download in the App store.

The app has been completely redesigned from the ground up using the latest iOS development tools and technologies which will help future-proof it for upcoming updates to iOS.

The ClearCheckbook iOS app behaves similarly to the old app and has most of the same features. One thing to note is to edit or delete any accounts, transactions, budgets, reminders or categories, simply swipe the item to the left and you'll be presented with an option to edit or delete it.

This is just the first iteration of the app. We've got a lot more updates for it in the works and will let you know more about those in the future.

iOS Screen Shots:

iOS App - Account Overviews
Account Overviews
iOS App - Transaction List
Transaction Register
iOS App - Budgets / Spending Limits
iOS App - Add Transaction
Add Transaction
iOS app - Reminders
Reminders / Recurring Transactions

We want to give a special thanks to all of the users who helped beta test the app over the last few weeks. You provided some extremely valuable information that helped us catch and fix a lot of issues.

If you have any issues while using the app, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom right side of and we'll work on getting any problems fixed.

Comments for this post:

Thank you!
by kenanjones on Aug 17, 2016
Great app but some issues
Thank you for the great new app. Love it because it has many features of the full website. However there are a few bugs. The transactions will sometimes not display or take a very long time to load. It would also be nice to be able to mark bills due as paid like you can on the regular website. Otherwise very cool!!!! Clear checkbook always has and is still today the best money management system
by Mmacholda on Aug 17, 2016
account balance totals differences
I'm happy to hear and try out the relaunched iOS app - thank you for following through on it!

I'm seeing an issue though. When I view the regular website I see 2 accounts. When I view in the iOS app, I see that there is a 'No Account' with a negative balance. Which is correct? the website (where the 'No Account' and negative balance do not show) or the app?

by sfinley on Aug 18, 2016
One Touch Login
Great App.... Please try to add one touch login.
by efiannaca on Aug 19, 2016
ios version
Good to see this option again working - super new design.
by jrjohanson on Aug 22, 2016
Hey there!

Any idea when the latest iOS app will have the bug fixes like the crashes on the Transactions tab and/or the incorrect balances like sfinley mentioned?

by Chris_Rodman on Sep 1, 2016
Today's Balance
Unless I am looking in the wrong screen, I do not see "Today's Balance" on the iOS app. It is on the website for each account. It would be nice to see today's current balance without using the computer. I tested a new account with jived and not jived transactions and future dated transactions and cannot see today's current balance. Thanks!
by joshwiker on Sep 30, 2016
I have at least 20 reminders and only see one. Why????
by marquisasmith on Nov 4, 2016



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