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ClearCheckbook iPhone App 2.0 Now Available

3/15/2012 in ClearCheckbook News
We're glad to announce that Apple has approved our overhaul to the ClearCheckbook iPhone app. It should now be available in the App Store now. Please download the latest update and let us know how it goes!

The new 2.0 version of the app has been completely re-written and will run much more efficiently than the last one.
  • Numeric keypad on amount entries
  • Easier to navigate and click on items
  • Less loading messages
  • Built on a framework for easier future updates
  • It doesn't crash every time you open the app

We also just issued another update that will make the app run better on the iPad as well. I'm sure it'll be another week before that's ready though.

Comments for this post:

2.0 does not work
Impossible to log on using the app on an iPad at least...
by FrankyL on Mar 16, 2012
New App
The new app is a vast improvement from the old app. It makes life a lot easier when entering transaction. Can not wait to see how it evolves over time.
by scottsacha on Mar 16, 2012
Re: 2.0 does not work

We already have several people who successfully installed and are using the new app on their ipad without any issues. We'll contact you via email to get some more specifics about what might be going on.
by SiliconTrance on Mar 16, 2012
some android love???
Do you have plans to change or improve the android app??? i know iOS always come first... but there are many android users also.

Keep up the good work and Congrats!!!
by jlgalvanh on Mar 20, 2012
Not loggin in
..same problem as FrankyL but on iPhone 3g!
by arkitetto on Mar 21, 2012
Number Pad
Love the new app but would LOVE to have a number pad instead of the keyboard when entering the amount of money. A number pad would be easier to use to enter the numbers.
by elphabamark on Mar 25, 2012
Good start
App is a good start. Number pad would be great .. Ability to select what section you want to go to on start up ie "add a transaction" and I dont see the reason for a pop up when you add a transaction.
by ricardojesy on Apr 1, 2012
One more thing
If I have one account .. It should go to that account :)
by ricardojesy on Apr 1, 2012
Absolutely loving it!
This app is going to improve my marriage haha. No more frustration about money not being entered into a paper register! YAY!! Thanks!!
by Mypassionisjesus on Apr 3, 2012
Still Using the Mobile Site
The Mobile Site 'Add a Transaction' function allows the user to select from a list of previously entered payees. This was missing from 1.0 and I was hoping 2.0 would have addressed this but you still need to key in the entire payee name. Overall, 2.0 does little to improve on the shortcomings of 1.0.
by gmphares on Apr 4, 2012
Also still using mobile site
I agree with gmphares. The main feature this is still lacking is the auto-fill capabilities of the regular and mobile sites. You still have to type the whole payee name and then it does not autofill the categories. Probably won't use the app until this feature is available.
by billjanelle on Apr 30, 2012
ClearlySpeedy iOS App
ClearlySpeedy is the fastest way to enter ClearCheckbook transactions on mobile.

Plus it has auto complete. ;)
by crd on May 25, 2012
Numeric Keypad
I don't get an numeric keypad when I add a transaction, I get the typical QWERTY keypad. How do I change this in settings???
by lsufan861 on Jun 10, 2012



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