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ClearCheckbook July Roundup

8/5/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
General ClearCheckbook News:
July has been another great month for ClearCheckbook. We had over 310,000 transactions added this month with around 2,100 new members sign up for the site. We also broke the 3,000,000 transaction mark in July!

We were about $60 short of our donation goal, but it's still great to see so many people donating.

V3 Development Update:
Many more hours have been poured into the development of V3. A lot of the new ideas are starting to take shape on the site, but we still have a few more to start on. These next few weeks will be very busy for the development of V3.

We also announced in July that we are developing a native iPhone app and plan on launching that along side V3.

There will be some more news about V3 as the launch date gets closer. The estimated launch is still September with beta testing opening up at the end of August.

Comments for this post:

SMS and Bot
The bots for Gtalk and AOL have been offline for a few days. This is terrible inconvenient and using the web on a phone to enter these transactions is even more so....
by cswroe on Sep 5, 2008
Hey guys,

We're half way through September with no word about when V3 and, more importantly, the native iPhone app will be released.

Can we get an update?

Keep up the awesome job!
by on Sep 14, 2008
I'm interested in what the specific v3 features will be. Any news on a release date?
by mrabkin on Sep 18, 2008



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