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ClearCheckbook June Roundup

6/30/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
General ClearCheckbook News:
June has been another great month for ClearCheckbook. We've had over 275,000 transactions added this month with around 2,000 new members sign up for the site. If these numbers keep up, we're set to break the 3 million transaction mark some time in July.

We hit our donation goal again for June! A huge thanks goes out to everyone who sent in a donation. We upped the goal slightly for June and we still achieved it. The average donation coming in is around $5. A lot of people have been donating that amount on a monthly basis which is really cool.

V3 Development Update:
More version 3 work has been going on lately. I have started getting up at 5:00 in the morning to work on V3 for a few hours before heading off to work. We have also added another developer to the team to work solely on V3.

New estimates for when you will see the site is August/September. We hope to have the next version of the site open for beta testing in August and then a few weeks after that fully launch the site. We want to have a few weeks of beta testing so the new version will be completely solid.

Comments for this post:

What is in the works for V3? I can't imagine this site being any better.
by RScott7246 on Jul 8, 2008
Summary View
If possible a running checkbook balance after each transaction would be great to have - so I know when my balance goes below my account's minimum no-fee balance. Then I know when to xfer funds from savings to checking using the bank's online banking.
by on Jul 9, 2008
App Store
I'm sure you get this question a lot but do you think you're going to make an App for the iTunes store? I know I would gladly pay 9.99 for the application. Just a thought. I'm not sure how many users have a iPhone on the site.

Keep doing awesome work!!!
by Kryptinite on Jul 10, 2008



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