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ClearCheckbook March Roundup & Big Surprises on the Way...

4/1/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
March has been a great month for us. We released ClearCheckbook Mobile, added several updates to the Quick Add feature and the Search page, and we also hit the 2,000,000 transaction mark.

In addition to these great things, we also implemented our Monthly Donation Goal and hit that goal within a week or so for the month of March, which is awesome! A huge thanks to everyone who has donated.

As a way of saying thanks to everyone who has donated, I'm announcing now that we have begun development of ClearCheckbook v3. This next version of ClearCheckbook will have most of the features everyone has been requesting as well as a few big surprises that I'm sure will make everyone happy. I'm not going to say any more at this point because it's so early in development, but be sure to keep sending in those feature requests so we can gather them all up and try to add them all to v3.

Thanks everyone!

Comments for this post:

I look forward to see what you have in store for features, especially since I find v2 to be so useful.

I hope that things don't change too much... the jiving works well for me, even though I don't jive based on an online statement but rather with every monthly statement that I get.

One thing I noticed today... on the reports, do transfers get counted as a deposit? The bar graphs show only initial deposits into savings, but none of the transfers show up after that.
by daveandcarisa on Apr 1, 2008
Transfers do not appear in the reports. Only money being added to or removed from your overall pool of money is shown here. Since a transfer is simply moving around money you already have, it will not appear in the reports.

This is however something we're looking into for a possible update in v3.
by Brandon on Apr 1, 2008
From a new member
Brandon, count me as one who likes the simplicity of V.2. One of the draws for me was the lack of all the clutter that full-blown accounting software imposes. That being said, I am very impressed with the site design which I find logical and intuitive, so I might like V.3 even better!

I bought a condo (my first "home" in a long time) about a year ago and I had run all the numbers before the purchase so I knew I could afford it--but I had a vague feeling that I was getting behind lately--after putting all my transaction-type (as opposed to investment) accounts into the site I can see now exactly where I stand. Although the truth sometimes hurts your site is definitely helping me get back on track.

It is not an overstatement to say that you are helping me live my dream and free me of unnecessary debt--thank you.
by jamesniem on Apr 2, 2008
The problem that I see in the transfer issue with reports is that I have a couple savings accounts, and the only way money goes into these accounts is from a transfer from my checking account. I understand that overall deposits vs. withdrawals shouldn't include transfers, but if they don't show on the individual account graphs, there is no way to accurately depict the money going into and out of the account.

Again, keep up the awesome work!
by daveandcarisa on Apr 2, 2008
I would love to be able to put in a beginning balance and an ending balance when I start to jive and have the program keep track of additions and subtractions so I know that I get to zero.

Thank you so much for this great program!
by littellcb on Apr 5, 2008
Split Transactions - Auto-tabulate
It would be EXTREMELY useful when splitting a transaction if the application automatically filled-in the amount for the remainder of the split so I don't have to calulate it maunally.

$51.01 - Initial Transaction (I want to split this)
I press "Split Transaction"
I enter $25.00 - "Groceries" and press tab.

The remainder of $26.01 should open in another row automatically waiting for me to assign the category.

If I add another row before the remainder amount then it re-calculates the remainder again.
by taussery on Apr 9, 2008
I love jiving... and while I have not had any problems with it, I can see potential problems if somehow a mistake is made and the account gets "un-jived" by a couple of transactions.

While it should be fairly easy to go back and find the rogue entry, whether you jive using a statement on a monthly basis or online every day/week, a nice feature would to be able to "lock" jived entries on a certain date. A log page could keep track of this, so that you could potentially start the jive process over from your last statement or jiving session.
by daveandcarisa on Apr 9, 2008
thank you for great program!
I hope the full interface remains iPhone Safari compatible as it is now. While the mobile interface is great, it seems to lack some basic functions like Search.
by dodoman on Apr 10, 2008
To Jive is nice but..
Although I like to 'Jive' (Reconcile Transactions) when I get my bank statement AND have no more dispute with a transaction.

I also need to 'Shimmy' (Clear Transactions) once they actually enter the bank's registry.

This would leave me with 'Un-Jived' and 'Un-Shimmied' transactions. (Those upcoming transactions that I've entered into the ClearCheckBook registry but that the bank is not aware of yet.) i.e. checks that I've written but that have not shown up in the bank's registry yet.

This would be exactly what I need to budget.

Other than that, This is a great utility! Both my wife and I can now separately enter transactions from our iPhones during the day and always know exactly where we stand financially, and then go over things together in the evening on our main computer.

I consider this a remarkable and progressive service.
Now if only prices would go down!

by MYRofick on May 15, 2008



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