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ClearCheckbook Mentioned in Money Magazine

8/1/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
ClearCheckbook was mentioned in the August edition of Money Magazine in a segment about cutting your spending with free tools. We were mentioned along with two other software alternatives.

The segment reads:
"Pros: Info is stored online so you can access it anywhere. You can add expenses as they happen via cell phone or IM. The program also reminds you of recurring expenses.
Con: Budget resets every month, so if you've underspent on groceries, say, the balance doesn't roll over.

Here are images of the cover and story.

For those of you who found the site from this article, welcome! Please let us know your impressions and any comments you have by posting here in the blog or sending us a message.

If your publication or blog would like to talk to someone about ClearCheckbook, please use the Contact Us form and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Comments for this post:

Multiple Currencies

I started using clearcheckbook after reading the article on Money Magazine. I think it is a good and simple alternative to control your expenses but with accounts in different countries I still miss an option for multiple currencies. Do you have plan to include this feature on next release?


Wisley Martins
by wmartins on Aug 4, 2007
First, thank you for such wonderful software! I find it so incredible that you've volunteered your time for such a project. People like you make the Internet worthwhile.

Second, I'd like to take this moment to agree with Mr. Martins up above. I live on the border between two countries and having multiple currencies would be a godsend. Thanks, and best wishes!
by metalligoth on Aug 19, 2007
"Money Magazine" Cons
Yes, it was Money Magazine that tuned me into your site...It's awesome!

However, Money has a point. Resetting is an issue. Many of us are looking for a site that 'rolls over' amounts and offers all the other wonderful features clearcheckbook has.

Is this something you are looking at? If not, is it something you would consider any time in the near future??

Thanks again for such a wonderful site!!!

PS: I don't see answers to the two questions above. Are the answers posted on this blog (would be helpful to all) or are they sent via email to the members doing the inquiries???
by trixiebme on Sep 25, 2007
trixiebme, I have been responding by emails to most blog posts. Since you mentioned it, I will respond to this blog post as well to your question.

We are working on building this functionality into the next version of the site. Rolling over amounts should work seamlessly in the next version. This shoudl be due in mid october.

by Brandon on Sep 25, 2007
I too read the artilce in Money Magazine while waiting in a drugstore. I actually backordered the magazine just to get your website, and I am very pleased. Looking forward to the "roll over" feature as well. Thanks again!
by geraldtilson on Oct 24, 2007
Absolutely Amazing!
This website Rocks. I found it after searching for a free online personal accounting option on Google and was immediately impressed by the features and functionality. I have ran into a couple of bugs along the way (I will be emailing my list in soon), but for the most part - everything works great. From a developers perspective - this is the best use of mootools I have seen to this date.

by on Feb 21, 2008



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