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ClearCheckbook Migration Complete

10/31/2015 in ClearCheckbook News
We've fully migrated from our old host to the new hosting solution. We'll be monitoring traffic and bandwidth over the next few days and scaling the various systems to match our demand. This transition ensures that we can easily scale to match demand as the site continues to grow.

We'll keep you all posted over the next few days about updates to the mobile apps and more.

If you're getting an SSL issue, make sure you're visiting and not For some reason our redirecting isn't working properly but we're trying to figure that out.

Comments for this post:

Too fast
The website is too fast after the update. I have access to my information much faster than when you were on the older solution. Any way to slow it down?

by cswroe on Oct 31, 2015
Google Chrome
Is indicating that ClearCheck Book is not safe. I have to go to advanced settings and override to get in. Other than that the update seems great. Thanks
by rcollins001 on Oct 31, 2015 IS faster !
What a great idea! Can't wait to see what you do with the mobile app. Making it geo-smart so it knows where I am and fills in payee would be awesome (wink, wink)
by Imfletch on Oct 31, 2015
Thank You
I just logged in for the first time after the migration was completed. I was expecting that I might have some problems but I was pleasantly surprised that everything seems to be working fine.
Thank you for all of the work that you guys do to keep this running.
by daiglel on Nov 1, 2015
Thank You!
Works great :)
by Sky_21 on Nov 1, 2015
Something wrong with Budget summary for the month, pulls in totals for last month
See above. Not nice since I depend on this to be correct and there seems no way to change the date range for November which shows October 1 thru October 31. C'mon and get it fixed. Thanks.
by jpwolf on Nov 2, 2015
Always going to have issues
To jpwolf: there is going to have snags and bugs that they will have to work out. Trust me when I say i have depended on this program for a while and hated going back to a manual register but I wouldn't go with anyone else. I tried Mint (hated that it auto synced with my bank as I like to be in control) and several other ones out there and nothing can beat Clearcheckbook. Just be patient and let them work out the details. They can't fix a problem without feedback but at least be kind about it.

On another note: is there an estimated timeline when the app will be back available in the App Store?
by Jags8307 on Nov 2, 2015
I would like to make a suggestion. I pay bills by pay period, which is weekly. It would be nice to be able to change the color of the background on the individual bills so that I can see that all of the "orange bills" are pay period one, for example. Or where you could set some sort of parameter where they grouped them together by a certain date. (Anything due before the 19th, for example). Another way of displaying this info is if there were "pay period"columns, so that you could move the bills into the appropriate column, as in which pay period it will be paid. This is actually my preferred method. It would also be nice if it could total the bills you set for that particular pay period. I have been tracking my budget, bills, and checkbook register in three different programs and it would be awesome if I could just use your program only. I operate off of a zero based budget and would love if that was offered as an option as well. Thanks!
by dyana on Nov 3, 2015



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