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ClearCheckbook MoneyManagement 2.0 for Android available for download!

3/3/2017 in ClearCheckbook News

The completely overhauled and revamped ClearCheckbook app for Android has been finished, tested and is now available for download on the Google Play store!

New features in the updated app include:
  • Completely updated Material Design UI
  • basic offline functionality
  • auto-complete when adding transactions
  • transaction register filtering
  • addition of grouped, combo and income percent budgets
  • improved support for currency formatting
  • faster load times
  • better crash prevention

Android App - Account Overviews
Account Overviews
Android App - Transaction Register w/ Filters
Transaction Register w/ filters
Android App - Add Transaction form
Add Transaction
Android App - Budgets / Spending Limits
Android App - Reminders / Recurring Transactions

The new app should be much faster to use and also fixes a lot of bugs and addresses a lot of feedback we received from you. You should be able to update the app through the Google Play store soon, if it isn't already available.

We were able to catch and fix a lot of issues in our internal testing and beta testing, but if you experience any other issues please let us know and we'll work on getting it quickly resolved. We'd also like to point out that we'll be adding an "All Transactions" register view to the app shortly, since it's currently not available on the app.

We'd also like to give a special thanks and shout-out to the developer of the new app, Russell Stewart, for his speediness and professionalism through the entire development process. If you're in need of getting an Android app developed, please consider Russell. You can contact him through the following outlets: LinkedIn, StackOverflow or Facebook.

Comments for this post:

Past transactions
I think I just read that it's not yet available in the app? I tried to look for a deposit and it just continued to scroll -"looking for tranasactions.
by on Mar 7, 2017
entering transactions on Android
I entered transactions on my Android phone today while out on the road working. When I got back to the office and pulled up account on my laptop/desk computer - they are not in there. I go back to the phone and can see the account total reflects those transactions being in there but the "list of transactions" is not available so I cannot pull them up. I scares me that if I hand enter them into my desk computer that they will "show up" twice and I will overcharge my customer - or run the risk of undercharging them if I do not hand enter them again. Very Frustrating.
by on Mar 7, 2017
Sometimes you will need to hit the browser refresh button numerous times to clear the cache. See if that works. If not i would contact admin using the "Conact Us' link at the bottom right of every CCB page
by PHishHead on Mar 9, 2017
It's up and working great now. Thanks!
by on Mar 10, 2017
I like the new android app, thanks!
by summarjd on Mar 11, 2017
App update
I love the new app. I love that the option of when you are entering a payee previous payees come up and what account it came from. I really find that very useful! Thank you!
by Raldape84 on Apr 6, 2017
I'd love to have a widget so i could add my transaction from my home screen without opening up the full program.That would make this program a 5 star!
by sqbaguy on Apr 22, 2017
Any plans on adding home screen widgets? Add a transaction? Account balances? etc...
by gillweb on Nov 7, 2018
RE: Widget
We'll look into adding some widgets for various quick actions such as adding a transaction or viewing balances.
by Brandon on Nov 7, 2018



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