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ClearCheckbook Server Migration date: Friday October 30th at midnight ET

10/22/2015 in ClearCheckbook News
We will be moving ClearCheckbook from our current server to the new cloud based hosting solution Friday night at 12am ET (9pm PT) on October 30th. All of our tests runs indicate the site will be offline for about 2 hours while we backup all data, transfer it to the new host and then import all the data to the new database. We'll be communicating progress throughout the migration as well. None of your data will be lost or affected during the migration.

We will have more information regarding the mobile apps after the migration has been completed.

Comments for this post:

Does this have anything to do with the Clearcheckbook App? When will it be back in the App Store?
by avery1 on Oct 22, 2015
I was wondering about the app as well.
by Alecia81 on Oct 23, 2015
Thank you
I just wanted to say thanks for your hard work on the website and good luck on the migration. ClearCheckbook is the best !!!
by 5213mesa on Oct 29, 2015
Thank you
You are the best. Thank you.
by pjespo on Oct 29, 2015
Past Data
Will all of my past years data still be available? I have been using this site for many years and dont want to loose any information.

by karenc1996.old.1693016573 on Oct 29, 2015
Are you to put it back in the APP it was so much easier to use and more convenient to get to.
by DSMac on Oct 29, 2015
It clearly states at the end of the statement that they will have more information about the app AFTER the migration. READ THE ENTIRE POST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS THEY ALREADY ANSWERED.
by mbryan on Oct 29, 2015
Wow. This is disappointing
Well, I guess I'm going to have to decide whether or not to continue with ClearCheckbook, because I do not want my information in the cloud. I trust in house servers, but do not trust the cloud for anything. I'm really sorry to hear about this decision. I don't know if I will cancel, but if I do, I'm sorry to go because CCB has been a real blessing.

I'm sorry CCB, I just don't trust the cloud.

by Levi.Matthews on Oct 29, 2015
Thanks for all the hard work to continue providing a secure product at a reasonable price. Looking for great things to come. Keep us posted on the updates.
by sdtemple on Oct 29, 2015
Migration concern
"None of your data will be lost or affected during the migration." I certainly hope so, because it seems to me that many folks - including myself - could not access our CC data for some time about a year ago after some upgrade they performed. Yes, my data eventually showed up, but for a while I wasn't sure.
by AKJeff on Oct 29, 2015
Thanks & Good Luck!
As an IT professional who goes through these migrations all the time, let me first say I'm glad it's you this time and not me. :-P Secondly, thanks a ton for the work on this because I know what a pain it is. Love CCB and I have followed all your changes and you seem to consistently make what feels like the *right* decisions. I understand "cloud-based" means you will be able to ramp up processing power and storage as necessary as usage fluctuates over time and that it doesn't mean hackers will be suddenly be stealing our identities from your new servers. Thanks again for the effort and solid decision-making through this journey. Rock on!
by jdemmerich on Oct 29, 2015
Thank you!
Already? You are the best!
I made a shortcut, and have been using the in-browser version on my phone since it disappeared from iOS9, and granted, it is a little clunkier this way, but functionally it is still the best checkbook app out there!
To know that changes are coming, is amazing news! I would never in a million years consider another app, it is simply that fantastic!
Thanks again for all your hard work, and all you do for us!
by Mirith on Oct 29, 2015
It's the best!
CCB is absolutely the best and I don't know what I'd do without it. Thank you for your hard work and effort in continuing to improve and provide such a fantastic product!!
by priceb01 on Oct 29, 2015
Thanks for your dedication and service
This is a great product that has helped my family and i handle our money well.
by kpurintun on Oct 29, 2015
Good luck with the migration
Are the terms of service or EULA going to be updated as a result of migrating to the cloud? Could you please be transparent about who the cloud solution is, and what assurances you have them regarding data security, such as (for example) end to end encryption or file integrity monitoring (to foil cryptolockers)? CC is a great product. I hope you take my questions in the spirit in which I intend -- asking questions to help keep CC be a great product.
by nisperos on Oct 29, 2015
Older transactions
For those concerned with losing old transactions, you simply have to Export your existing transactions to a spreadsheet format (CSV, XLSX, etc) and save it to your hard drive. Then you dont have to worry about whether or not they will be lost. It's very easy to do.
by giammarcor on Oct 30, 2015
Good luck!!!
I'm so excited for you to do this!!! Good luck!
by geekiemommie on Oct 30, 2015
I don't understand the concern about someone's CC data being in the "cloud". The reason I chose CC is because the only data is what I input unlike some other programs that link accounts. I appreciate the improvements. I do miss the app though and will be happy when that gets sorted.
by clusan on Oct 30, 2015
Migration of ClearCheckbook
I question the wisdom of doing such a large scale migration at End of Month when many are the most involved with their checkbook. It would have made more sense to do it a week prior or a week after End of Month. I seem to remember within the past few months where your site was not available for an extended period of time and I had to use an alternate solution in the interim. This doesn't give me a warm, fuzzy feeling about this migration.
by swtrainer on Oct 30, 2015
swtrainer, this migration is moving us to a hosting solution to prevent the outages you experienced back in July. Now we will be able to scale our processing power to meet demand on the site. Friday night's are statistically when we have some of the lowest traffic on the site and makes the most sense of when to move the site. No matter when we decide to do it, someone is going to get upset.
by Brandon on Oct 30, 2015
Good Luck!
Service transitions are always a roller coaster of feelings. Praying for a smooth transition, migration, and restoration of service, but more importantly for peace and calm in the War Room (if you guys are staged in one)!
by bradbreedlove on Oct 30, 2015
Cloud storage
For those concerned about security: One of the features I have loved about CCB is that no identifiable information is stored by the APP. No acct numbers. No addresses etc etc. If I loose my phone all people see are balances and have no true access to my accounts. This is an amazingly simple but powerful and versatile app.
by tmillsap on Oct 30, 2015
Don't Be Scared of the Cloud
CCB does not ask for or use an of our sensitive information whatsoever, so using the cloud for their services poses no threat to your sensitive data whatsoever. I have worked in banking for almost 15 years, and I recommend CCB to my younger clients who are addicted to their smartphones but not keeping a register. They love it and me for telling them about it...CCB helps them avoid overdraft fees because they're using "cool tech" to stay on track. I just hope that the app is fully functional again after this migration. I can still access it, but have not been able to use it to log txns for over a doesn't let me select the account.
by jbluenote1 on Oct 30, 2015
Thank you
As with everyone else, we are hoping that the app will return for IOS 9 :) Love this app. Have found nothing else to compare.
by dotsme on Oct 30, 2015
It'll all be fine, people!
Thanks for keeping us informed. I hope there are no glitches for you.

I can't imagine trying to keep up with our bank accounts without CCC. We travel quite a bit and it's so convenient to use on the go.

Thanks again!
by Jpfurey on Oct 30, 2015
Thanks for making this program available!
Love the app and web solution. Sorry you have had difficulties recently. We really appreciate the service you provide and hope it all works out. Thanks for your hard work.
by lynperez on Oct 30, 2015
No "Date" Column
I sorted my checks by Payee - now I am unable to switch by to sorting by Date, because there is no header with that title

Can you please help?
by photze on Jan 25, 2016



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