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ClearCheckbook V2 has started development

4/5/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
We've started compiling a big list of all the feature requests you've all submitted over the past few weeks and we are starting work on the next version of the site. CCBv2 will have some great new features as well as a newer and easier to use interface.

Keep an eye out for some information about beta testing the site. We'll post a message in a few weeks here on the blog letting you know when the time to beta test is here.

The beta testing will be limited to a specific (yet undetermined) number of members, so once the message is posted follow the instructions if you're interested in testing.

Comments for this post:

Category Splitting
Will the next version include splitting categories per entry?


I spend $50 at Wal-Mart, but I want to specify $30 for my "Groceries" category and $20 for my "Household" category.


by justintmiller on Apr 5, 2007
Why couldn't you just put seperate entries in? If you are dividing them by category anyway what does it matter if it is one or two entries?
by on Apr 6, 2007
When you balance your account, there isn't two "seperate" entries.
by fuber on Apr 6, 2007
I would love to be involved in testing because I enjoy the product. I really want to test items that will help me track my spending in a given category versus my budget over time.
by rrscha on Apr 9, 2007
One more quick comment. It would be great if the user could set default categories for each of the line items. This way, when they reoccur you don't have to select the category again. This would be a great time saver because the user would only have to categorize new merchants.
by rrscha on Apr 9, 2007
Category Splitting and Testing
1. The category splitting is a great idea i'd love to see.

2. I'd also like to be a beta tester since I use this site daily.

3. As I suggested before, it would be nice to see a "Check All" feature when going to pay a CC instead of having to check each transaction.
by Scamallite on Apr 13, 2007
I'd love to see some enhancement in report anything will do and the graph can it be switch from bar to line graph?
by hingnyap on Apr 23, 2007
Recurrent Transactions & Cash Forecast
It would be nice if we could program recurrent transactions and the system could give us a cash forecast per account. We all want to see if the money in our account will be enough to get us to the end of the month... lol!
by jinteriano on Apr 25, 2007
splitting categories, check numbers, and daily balances please!
i used to use quicken and all these features were essential

page navigation at the bottom of the page

by konabiker on Apr 27, 2007
Move Add Entry to Accounts page.
Make it an AJAX moveable window even when Add entry is clicked somewhere above the check register. Doesn't make sense to have a separate html page for Add Entry.

I would like to be a beta tester. I may even make ANOTHER donation, if I see what I like in V2 !
by on Apr 27, 2007
Sir, i would love to be a beta tester since i use your site everyday and i love it. I used Quicken all the time but now i use this website...i like the ability to access this website from wherever i may be. I'm sure the new version is going to be awesome.
by AFguy74 on May 9, 2007
Beta tester
I'd also like to beta-test the new version. I just joined here today, and I'd like to see what new features lie ahead before I fully commit to using this web app over MS money. Namely, I came here because MS money is too slow, so hopefully you'll get these speed issues ironed out (I'm experiencing them too).
by dan on May 11, 2007
Different languages...
i'm a new user but i already love this site! i was wondering if you had planned to translate it in other languages, such as french (my maternal language). i can help if you want!
by lepretre on May 14, 2007
Mobile access
The current site works (albeit somewhat slowly) on a Windows Mobile 5.0 smartphone, which is a MAJOR plus for me. Please do not (as a previous commenter suggested) use any newfangled technologies (e.g., JavaScript) that might make ClearCheckbook unusable on WM5. Or at least provide a basic HTML fall-back mode for mobile use.

I also would vote for split categories. The problem is that it is still a pain splitting the sales tax on taxable items. If there were a way for ClearCheckbook to help with THAT...

by bhavens on May 21, 2007



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