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ClearCheckbook was hit by a DDOS attack which caused site downtime

6/2/2016 in ClearCheckbook News
On June 1, 2016 starting at around 10:20am ET, ClearCheckbook was hit by an extremely massive amount of fake logins which overwhelmed our database and caused the site downtime some of you had experienced.

These kinds of attacks are used either by a competing organization to cripple their rivals or by nefarious individuals or groups that use the attack to expose any weaknesses in the database which would let them gain access to it.

We're still not sure what the reasoning for the attacks were but none of your data was compromised while the issues were going on.

I'm extremely sorry for any inconveniences this caused you today. We'll be monitoring our logs to keep an eye on similar attacks and fix them quickly now that we know what to do.

Comments for this post:

DDOS of 6/2
Thank you for your very quick response to this matter.
It's very much appreciated.
by gaffney1976 on Jun 1, 2016
DDOS of 6/2
Thank you for letting us know :)
by dotsme on Jun 1, 2016
DOS of 6/1
It's June first here. Thanks for the update. Should we change our passwords? Will there be a reconcile feature soon?
by BradAJennings on Jun 1, 2016
Thanks for being transparent. I and glad you got the site and app back up. I was worried that it was going to be a while like last time. Keep up the good work.
by Dericvelau on Jun 1, 2016
Thanks for the update and for an awesome website!!
by kverdi on Jun 2, 2016
Twitter Updates?
When the site is completely down for some reason and the forum and blog are inaccessible, would it be possible for you to post updates on Twitter or some other unaffected site? Thank you.
by lawmarona on Jun 2, 2016
This is probably off topic, but will this affect the release date of the iOS app?
by avery1 on Jun 2, 2016



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