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ClearCheckbook's 2019 Roundup and What's Ahead for 2020

1/3/2020 in ClearCheckbook News

The main focus of 2019 has been on rewriting ClearCheckbook for our latest update, but we also hit some big numbers and milestones.

ClearCheckbook Version 5 had been taking most of our time this past year and we hope to have it launched soon. You can check out the full blog post for more information about what new features and updates this will bring. In short, the version 5 upgrade has completely rewritten ClearCheckbook for the latest versions of frameworks and programming languages the site is built around. This will help make updates faster and easier in the future.

ClearCheckbook hit a big milestone in 2019 and surpassed 400,000 registered users with a half a million users set firmly in our sights. Our users also added over 18 million transactions during the year which brings the total number of transactions we're tracking to around 112 million!

This growth and activity has also brought with it a few hiccups along the way. We've experienced some site lagging and slowdowns this year and have worked on mitigating this by doubling our database memory and increasing the number of CPUs the site has access to during high traffic times. We will continue to monitor traffic and site speeds and adjust these metrics as needed but we're very optimistic this will address a lot of the slow response times.

We also want to thank everyone who supports ClearCheckbook by upgrading to ClearCheckbook Premium. You're helping us to keep improving the site and keep the site running smoothly. We've never received any money from investors, advertising or any other means aside from ClearCheckbook Premium upgrades, so thank you again! If you haven't upgraded, you can always help us by spreading the word about ClearCheckbook to family, friends and coworkers.

Here's to great things coming to ClearCheckbook in 2020!

Brandon OBrien

Comments for this post:

Been with you a lot of years, You are always making Clearcheck Book a better site. I trust it with my checking accounts and savings accounts as well as credit card info. Thanks for working so hard to keep it going, I don't post much but you and your team are worth then time.
by rcollins001 on Jan 3, 2020
Awesome Product
One of the best investments I ever made in regards to managing my finances. It's my absolute pleasure to support you and your platform for all these years. All the best, and I look forward to the great changes!
by efiannaca on Jan 3, 2020
One Drive Support
Hello Brandon,
I am looking forward to the new platform change. Will the new enhancements being made support one drive back up's? I know you were experiencing API issues.
by efiannaca on Jan 3, 2020
Thank You
This year is my 10yr anniversary with CCB so obviously I support your efforts. I upgraded to CCB Premium pretty early on, so very happy to hear that my membership, along with all other CCB Premiums, are able to support this endeavor. So happy for the milestones you have hit, that I'm pretty sure you thought you would never hit when you started this whole thing, so congrats on your massive success. Super excited for V5 to be released. 2020s going to be a Hoot!
by PHishHead on Jan 13, 2020



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