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12/12/2011 in ClearCheckbook News
We're calling upon you, our ClearCheckbook users, to help us create some walkthroughs/tutorials on how to switch from other financial applications (like Quicken, Microsoft Money, Mint, etc) to ClearCheckbook. Our goal is to have some nice documentation to provide for new users who are looking to switch from another application but aren't quite sure how things match up.

Ideally each tutorial would cover some basic terminology comparisons, how to properly export data from the old financial app so it can easily be imported into CCB and any other helpful information that a new user switching to our site might need. Screenshots to go along with the documentation are always welcome.

Anyone who writes a comprehensive tutorial for us will get a free year's worth of premium membership added to their account.

If you're interested, just contact us via the link at the bottom right side of the page and let us know what app you're interested in writing a switching tutorial for.

Thanks! We hope to hear from you soon.

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