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iPhone users... It's Coming.

7/15/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
We hear you. Development is underway and the native ClearCheckbook iPhone application release will coincide with the V3 launch.

For the time being, check out our iPhone / iPod Touch Webapp.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Comments for this post:

I grabbed my second iPhone this past weekend (I've had the 1gen phone since it came out last year) and I cannot even begin to express how much clearcheckbook helps me keep track of all my accounts.

iPhone SMS templetes + clearcheckbot = accounting heaven

Again I cannot thank you enough for being so f'ing cutting edge!!
by neomoon on Jul 15, 2008
Windows Mobile & BlackBerry
I understand how appealing it is for some to want to be on the so-called "cutting edge" of current trends, but it would be wise for you to support the devices used by the overwhelming majority of us: Windows Mobile and/or BlackBerry.
by sjw on Jul 16, 2008
Support for multiple users?
My wife and I are trying out ClearCheckbook Mobile to keep track of our joint checking account from our iPhones. Hopefully, your native version will support such usage.
by tzw on Jul 21, 2008
I have absolutely NO patience...
but I'm waiting for this app! If the app is anything remotely like the website (duh) it's a winner!! Thanks for all the hard work!!
by iteachnology on Jul 26, 2008
Sweet. There's nothing on the market right now, and if you can pull off something that's as good as the website, I think you'll have no problem cornering the market. :)
by chewbecca on Jul 29, 2008
Holy Moley!
This is going to be great. I can't wait.

I just started using the site after I got my iphone 3g last month and I've been trying to make balancing my checkbook on the go a reality because the old method has been tedious and time consuming. The iphone friendly web version is great, but a iphone native app will be even better. As long as all the site features are supported.
by on Aug 19, 2008
A blackbery application would be great to have. I'm a diehard CCB user, but bummed I don't have an easy way to interact with CCB on my Blackberry.

I've looked at other apps out there that are 'similar' to CCB and they don't even compare. Plus BB users are willing to throw $10-15 at an application like CCB could have. I know I would.

An app that allowed you to track your transactions that came with a free bonus of using is a no-brainer to most.
by Scamallite on Aug 21, 2008



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