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Nominate ClearCheckbook for a Crunchies Web Award!

11/30/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
Enjoy using ClearCheckbook? Help and nominate us for a 2009 Crunchies web award!

There are only 4 more days to vote! Voting ends at Midnight on December 4th PST.

Best Boostrapped Startup:

Simply click on the links and then hit the Nominate button. It's that easy!


Comments for this post:

You can Vote EVERYDAY!
Please help us win!!
You can vote once per day (per category) now through Dec 4th!

HELP CLEARCHECKBOOK receive the recognition it deserves!!
by MaralynBeck on Nov 13, 2009
Done and done
Happy to do it. This is a great web app!
by johntegg on Nov 16, 2009
I voted.
Hope you win. ClearCheckbook is overdue for some recognition.
by anijhenry on Nov 18, 2009
I Voted
Brandon, I hope to Jerry Garcia & all heady peeps you win both catsegories....well deserved man.
by PHishHead on Nov 18, 2009



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