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Server Issues: Hopefully resolved

4/29/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
Over the past few days the server that's hosting ClearCheckbook had been acting up. This morning, it went down for a few hours and we contacted support and tried to find out what the heck was going on. It turns out there were a few factors coming into play, but the end result is that they moved us to a different machine that shouldn't have any of the problems the old one had.

I'm sorry for any problems you've had while trying to access the site. If we continue to experience problems with this company we will start searching for a new server soon.

Comments for this post:

Server Issues
I'm hooked on your program. With minor would be perfect.

Now the server problem. Inconsistent service since end of April. Yea, pretty much.

I'll admit that since I've started using your service back in Feb, I've not donated squat. And this week in May, I can't do it now.

However, it DID make me realize that for a set fee per month WITH some creative input into the system, I'd be willing to subscribe to a low specified amount each month. And I'm sure that others who haven't been able to access their check book recently just might feel the same.

Just my opinion, I could be wrong. to paraphrase Dennis Miller
by Cassndra7 on May 9, 2007



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