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Server Upgrades and Relocation

7/22/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
I wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will be upgrading and moving our server soon. There are a few reasons for this update.

1. We will be upgrading the server itself by nearly doubling the RAM to 12 GB and putting dual 1.5 TB hard drives in it. This will help really speed things up on the site.

2. We are going to be rebuilding the software side of the server to speed things up and eliminate all those random crashes that were occurring.

3. We are physically moving the server from Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA to a new hosting facility that provides much more bandwidth than we currently have.

All three of those combined will help make the site much faster and reliable.

Some time over the next few days we will be moving the site to a temporary server where it will remain while we physically upgrade and move the server. We shouldn't be on this temporary server for more than a few days and it has enough power to handle our traffic in the mean time.

There is no expected downtime during this transition and I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Comments for this post:

I'm very happy to read this. In my opinion, the slowliness of the website is ClearCheckbook's biggest problems! I hate it when sometimes I just have to "tick" something and it takes me 2 minutes to do it.

Have a request (nothing to do with the upgrade). U guys should add different "Premium" options. I want to upgrade but am not willing to pay $42 for 2 additional options (i know there's more but i'd only use 2). Why don't u add different options for upgrade? different packages or something? Or even a 1-time fee, instead of annual fees. Another option would be to lower the 12 month option. $6 less if i pay for a whole year instead of 1 month?

Keep up the good work!!
by jvieira on Jul 23, 2009
No Problems!
I've not had many major lag issue myself. I use this daily and quite a bit at that.

As for adding other premium options, I don't see how his rate for what he offers is high. As a matter of fact, I think it's a great price. I'd rather see him give more options than worry about different premium options.

The rates are fine. Stop being cheap :P

by TechGuy on Jul 23, 2009
I'm having issues getting the website to load alot of times, how we doing on the upgrade?


Any estimates when we move to the new server?

by TechGuy on Jul 27, 2009
I use this site all the time and have never had it crash. One thing though, I signed up the premium subscription, but it didn't renew automatically. I signed up again, and all my check numbers, etc. had been lost. Is there a way to get automatically renewed each month? I may just be missing it...
by thebardiers on Jul 29, 2009



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