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Site Downtime: Here's what happened.

1/21/2011 in ClearCheckbook News
Due to a series of events explained below, we were forced to suddenly move our live server to another hosting facility. If things had gone as expected, the transition would have been flawless with no site downtime. Everything is back to normal now and we will not be experiencing any more unexpected downtime.

Here's what actually happened:
1. On December 30, 2010, the company that's hosting our server said they would be shutting down their data center in Los Angeles an moving everything to Dallas. We didn't want our server moved to Dallas, because our server guru lives in LA.

2. We weighed our options and decided to purchase an additional server and host it at a new facility. We could transfer everything to the new server and have it running while we took our existing one down, then move the existing server to the new facility.

3. We purchased our new server and set up a contract with the new hosting company. Then, on January 9th, 2011, our existing host decided to route all network traffic through its Dallas datacenter. This caused several hours of outage for the site. The issues were resolved and we continued to wait for our new server to arrive.

4. Our new server finally arrived on January 15, 2011 and we made an appointment to install the new server at the new hosting facility for today, January 21, 2011.

5. At around 9:30am PST, our existing host had a major network malfunction, causing the site to go down. We weighed our options and decided we've had enough and if the outage continued, we would take our live server and move it today as well. That's what happened so we moved the server.

Where we stand now:
We are currently up and running at the new hosting facility on our main server. Over the next few days we will be getting the additional server installed in conjunction with it, to provide an even faster experience for the site.

The downtime is over and all the headaches are done. We're in a much more solid facility now and happy to be rid of the old hosting company.

Again, I'm truly sorry for the issues and any problems it may have caused.

Brandon O'Brien
CEO and Founder

Comments for this post:

Happy User
Thanks for the update!
by twim7693 on Jan 21, 2011
Thorough and honest
I like that. Thanks, Brandon!
by arpster on Jan 21, 2011
Most Appreciative of the Service!
Dear Brandon O'Brien,

May this email find you enjoying a productive day!

Wanted to thank you for the wonderfully clean and focused checkbook ledger service.

Although rather new to the application, and still learning at each use, I find the application simply refreshing even from entering and balancing my physical checkbook.

The online application simplifies this task without being too simple, or over-laden with features.

I look forward to my continued use of the online service and future move to premium membership.


Paul R. Bailey, III
by prb3iii on Jan 22, 2011
I Feel In Control
Brandon, I want to thank you for your excellent site, ClearCheckBook. I have only been using your service for 1 1/2 months, but I find the input of my financial standing just a breeze. I must say, the downtime you spoke of gave me a bit of a scare thinking I had hitched to a program that wouldn't actually be around, but soon enough you came back online and all is well. I really enjoy accessing the program, with its automatic connection, through my Android (Epic 4G Galaxy S) through Sprint. I'm still learning a few of the advantages, and feeling more and more confident about my future with your program. Well, I've ramble enough. Suffice it to say, your program has allowed me to feel "in control" of my finances, and I'm sure that is a large part of your intent. God bless and thanks again. Lenny Farmer with
by lennyfarmer on Feb 3, 2011



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