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Time to give us your 2 cents...

3/20/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
No, not by paying us! We want to hear any suggestions for updates, feature requests, ways to improve the site or anything else you've been thinking about. We're getting ready to gear up for some major upgrades to ClearCheckbook for its one year anniversary on May 20th.

Version 2 of the site is going to bring some big changes. There will be some layout upgrades and visual tweaks, the javascript that handles most of the actions on ClearCheckbook will be majorly overhauled and the code running the site is going to get updated too. After these updates you'll notice a huge improvement of load times.

We've also got some big new features planned for release around May 20th as well. We know you'll be excited to see those. Also, stay tuned for a blog post some time near the early-middle part of April asking for some beta testers for these new features. We're going to open a limited beta for some of you to get a months head start on testing out these new features and new version of the site!

So please, if there's anything you've been wishing was a feature on the site or you think something would work better if it was handled differently, please let us know by sending us an email with the Contact Us form. It doesn't matter how big or small the request is, we just want our inbox filled with them so we can look them all over. We won't promise to add all the features and requests, but we will read them all and implement the most requested / best ones.

Thanks for making the site great!

Comments for this post:

Checkbot integration
I'm an avid fan of google talk, so I would absolutely love the ability to add entries via gtalk. With Google's recent release of their chat client to the Google Home Page, and with your google homepage gadget, it would really make for an interesting couple!

BTW, thanks for such a great site! You are awesome!
by mchoquette on Mar 21, 2007
I must start out by saying what an awesome site this is.......and the best thing, it is FREE!

Here is my suggestion......

Not all entries clear bank account quickly and sometimes because of the amount of transactions that are made, a 'unJived' transaction may slip to another page. This

I would like to have the ability to 'hide' and 'unhide' the Jived transactions, especially on the 'Jive Transaction' page. This would give me the ability to view the outstanding transactions that has not hit my bank account as of yet.

by Wade3971 on Mar 21, 2007
Splits for entries
I've just started using ClearCheckbook. I'm a former Quicken user. One feature of Quicken that I found extremely useful was something they calls splits. This allowed one entry to have multiple catagories represented, something critical for watching budgets. For example, if I withdraw $100 from an ATM machine, I will need to put -$100 as the entry (so it will match the bank statement when it arrives) but from that $100, $50 was used for personal spending and $50 was used for business reimpursables. Splits allows me to track both these categories within the one $100 entry.

by huckleberry on Mar 24, 2007
Quick add
A 'quick add entry' on the accounts page would be handy.

Great work.

by jaguar on Mar 26, 2007
Automated Transactions
I'd love to be able to set up some automated transactions, such as weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. so that I don't have to keep adding things such as my car insurance payment that automatically gets sent from my bank.
by Kyssandra on Mar 31, 2007
Another vote for Quick Add
If we could add a transaction from the Account page that would be helpful.

I also like the idea of automated transactions.
by tastypopsicle on Apr 1, 2007
Hide Jived Transactions, etc.
Here's another bump for hiding Jived transactions, automated payments and adding transaction from accounts & Jive pages.

Also, a field for check number would be great - yes, I still write actual checks.

Best. Finance website. Ever.
by jessethouin on Apr 6, 2007
I would like to be able to see a summary of how I am doing with my spending on each category on the main page. It would also be nice to be able to filter by category. The most important feature would be to see spending against budget by month for a period of time. I want to know how close I am to budget and how I did in prior months.
by rrscha on Apr 9, 2007
Text version for printing
I just joined today (also a former Quicken, as well as Microsoft Money, user) and like what I see so far. I second most of the comments above -- a field for check numbers, hiding jived transactions, split transactions, and automated transactions -- but I would also like to see printable text versions of account transactions, the most-recently jived transactions, and reports.
by hulseapple on Apr 15, 2007
OS X Widget
Should be able to post transactions!!!

Would be so huge!

by on Apr 16, 2007
Net Spending
I would love to see the net amount for each category when I look at the spending limit page. If I deposit money into some of the various categories due to rebates, refunds, returns, etc., the category does not show this credit.
by rrscha on Apr 17, 2007
A UK format date display option dd/mm/yyyy.

When I withdraw cash I list it as a transfer to my other 'Cash Spending' account, that way it stays part of the pool of money. When editing my imported bank statement, pre-Jiving, I'm not allowed that choice as an edit option, it's got to be either withdrawal or deposit. Is it possible to change this?

by cillian on Apr 19, 2007
Great for what's done, but what's coming up
Am I missing something? Is it possible to use the site for financial planning? i.e. creating my monthly budget so I can predict what lies around the corner. Alternatively, who can recommend a good site or simple package for that?


by cillian on Apr 19, 2007
I'd like to see the reminders extended out for 14 days, for those of us who receive biweekly paychecks and balanced our checkbook biweekly.

Thanks for a great website!
by hulseapple on Apr 30, 2007
should not count as 'spending money' for your monthly limit
by 3kiwis on May 14, 2007



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