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V3 Development Update

7/10/2008 in ClearCheckbook News
I wanted to give everyone a little more information about what ClearCheckbook version 3 (V3) means.

V3 is the culmination of over 2 years of comments and suggestions from both users and non-users. We took a lot of those suggestions and applied them to the current version of the site. There were still a lot of updates we simply didn't have time to make or were too large to handle for the V2 launch.

The V3 launch, at current count, will see more than 40 new features and improvements made to the site. Many of these improvements are things that have been suggested to us, but others are some very unique new features that we have thought of on our own. One of these features in particular will make you question how you've managed your money without this new tool.

While we're not going to make public a full list of all the new features and improvements until the site launches, I want to give you an idea of a few of the things we're working on.

    - Running balances (the most requested upgrade we get)
    - Limits/Budgeting histories.
    - Report improvements (we'll leave it at that for now)
    - Much improved importing features.

We will probably get a little more specific in some of our new features and enhancements as the time for launch gets closer.

Development has been going very well lately and should continue to do so. We're almost at the point now where we're starting on some of the newer features that haven't been mentioned yet.

Stay tuned for more info.

Comments for this post:

iPhone App?
I love your site, it's definitely well needed. What would be the icing on the cake was if you came out with an iPhone application....
by kevani on Jul 13, 2008
Re: iPhone App?
Truthfully, an iPhone App would be great as long as it integrates with the website like the widget does. I've seen MySpace and Facebook iPhone Apps work in the same manner. I love It is by far, the best application I've used to keep track of my spending.
by heloim on Jul 13, 2008
great job !!
i have to hand it to you to have put up this free online system, really appreciate the effort and an iphone/ipod touch app would be great too :) way to go..hope this site stays free even beyond v3 :)
by avbmenon on Jul 24, 2008
Love it!
I love this site! I love being able to reconcile online and when you add the running balances I'll be in heaven (doesn't take much to make a CPA happy, does it?)
by jennbirkelien on Jul 26, 2008
Nice but need app
App app app app
by homantim on Aug 16, 2008
I hope you...
knock our socks off with this upcoming update!
by on Aug 19, 2008
Further idea on iPhone app
There should be an option to NOT integrate with the website for when in areas where an internet connection might not be optimal. Then possibly an option to sync later when you want to use it with the internet again.
by thenolan on Aug 20, 2008
Excellent work!
I'm loving this thing. Thank you for making it!

With regards to V3, it would be great to have transfers imported correctly from .QIF file - if this is even possible.

Add my vote to the running balances ballot box.
by exocubic on Sep 4, 2008
Please include a feature that allows tags to be assigned to a transaction. This would expand the functionality of "categories" so that a transaction can belong to more than one category or tag.
by mrabkin on Sep 9, 2008
Check Counter...
Great software and with my iPhone set to arrive any day now I like even more. I imported all my transactions off my PocketPC flawlessly.

Some suggestions for v4..

Next Check feature, a field to store check number and populate with the next check number

Auto complete catagory from last transaction when inputting a similar transaction, also would be nice to have the last amount auto populate too.

Report - Account balance report out into the future including recurring transactions that are set up.
by duman95 on Sep 15, 2008
I like the tags. Just please don't kill the export with that.

Wesabe works with tags and merchant. Then when I've exported my transactions from there, they put all those information where the notes should be, which by the way disappeared with the export!

So if it's going to have tags, please don't mess with categories or notes.
by andremonteiro on Oct 16, 2008



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