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10/12/2009 in ClearCheckbook News
We are currently in the planning stages to build some more debt management/forecasting tools into ClearCheckbook. We would like to know how you currently handle managing/paying/forecasting any current debt you have (Credit cards, student loans, mortgage, etc).

We're simply curious to find out how you currently do it so we can use some of these ideas to build a tool for ClearCheckbook. If you can take a few minutes to contact us and let us know, your help would be greatly appreciated!

You can contact us by hitting the Contact Us link at the bottom right side of the page.


Comments for this post:

I don't know if you can do anything with this, but something that's helped us focus on paying off debt is utilizing the Notes. One of our Notes is set up to show the Payee, Original Balance and Current Balance. We can see our efforts and it helps keep us motivated.
by jozack42 on Oct 14, 2009
I currently have an account strictly for my mortgage/taxes/ and homeowners dues. The bank the loan is through currently withdrawals the mortgage amt automatically on the same day each month. i just need to make sure the money is there.
I have no student loans.
I currently have 4 credit cards with high debt. I currently pay them at that cards website...usually the day before they are due to avoid APR increases.

What would be cool here on is if when i manually put in the credit card payment in my checking acct it automatically deducts from that credit cards accts. total that i set up here.


If i manually put into my checking acct a payment to Citibank for $100.00, it should automatically deduct $100.00 from the Citibank acct i set up on
so you dont have to enter the same transaction twice in 2 different acct.

I have high debt but extremely low APRs on all my cards. 3 are at prime rate for life and the other is at 3.99% for life.
I used to play the balance transfer game until it became aware to me that it screws up your credit score and they started charging a percentage of the transfer you made.
by PHishHead on Oct 14, 2009
Are there any plans to enhance the printing capabilities?
by wlrobin on Oct 16, 2009
yes, watch the debt lower each time it is paid
I would love to set up credit card accounts and watch the balance get less each time I pay it. I would have to have it include interest rates and cycle, for instance.

We're in active pay off of all our credit cards so this would be a great plus for my household.
by luxlioness on Oct 17, 2009
All of my debts are credit card. I pay them all on-line - for the cards that carry a balance I pay them either on the first possible date after I receive the (on-line) statement, and for the cards that I pay off each month I pay on the payment due date. I use the transfer function (checking to visa, checking to amex, etc) in Clear Checkbook when I pay, which is great for keeping the accounts up-to-date. What it doesn't do is show me in Reports how much is being paid as transfers are not reported. So for example my Visa account (on which I currently carry a balance) only shows Withdrawals (purchases), but not Deposits (payments) - I don't get from Reports a reading on how much I'm purchasing vs. how much I'm paying, and I don't get an accurate overall picture of debt vs. payments.

Thanks for doing such a great job - for my fairly modest financial needs, Clear Checkbook is great!!
by snessnyc on Oct 17, 2009



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