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11/1/2007 in ClearCheckbook News
With the traffic to ClearCheckbook more than tripling in four months, our server has really been put to the test... and it hasn't been doing so well. The release of V2 and the additional traffic it has brought has just about pushed our existing server over the edge and into unstable territory.

Because we want ClearCheckbook to be as fast as possible, we've decided to finally upgrade to a real server that will be able to serve our needs for years to come. With that being said, I would like to thank all of you who have donated to ClearCheckbook since we started taking donations almost exactly a year ago. To date, we have received almost $1,000 in donations ranging from a few dollars all the way up to $50 a piece.

We've taken that money and purchased a new server with two Quad Core 1.60Ghz processors, 4 GB of RAM and dual 80 Gig hard drives (We're calling the server DocOck). The server itself cost just over $2,000 and should be arriving in our hands this Friday (tomorrow). Now that we will finally have a really sweet and powerful server, we also need to upgrade our hosting to accommodate it. With the new hosting provider, we're looking at a yearly fee of around $1,200 simply to host the website.

If you have been thinking about sending in a donation, it would be great if you did in the next couple of weeks. Every little bit we have helps. For now, with the remainder of the server cost and the hosting fees for the year, we're going to be paying about $2,200 out of our pockets.

Don't worry though, even if we don't get enough donations to cover the additional costs, the site isn't going anywhere. It just helps us out a little more if we have some additional money to pay for upgrades, etc.

We're probably going to be switching to the new server some time the week of November 12. We'll post more details when the time comes.


Comments for this post:

Thank you so much...
...for this wonderful free service. I use it every day and have been telling my friends about how easy it is to use and how it will help you keep track of your bills and see where your money is going too. rocks!
by hotsteno.old on Nov 5, 2007
I certainly hope that with over 10,000 people using the site, they would at least donate 10 bucks a year or so use this wonderful service. With the new features available, such as automatically paying "reminders", ClearCheckBook does everything I need, from anywhere I'm at, on any computer that can run a web browser. I've donated, and I plan to do so again periodically, because I don't want to see this site fade away. Thanks for a wonderful service.
by xdavemanx on Nov 9, 2007
Thanks for keeping this site on the top of your list. Once I get some more money and my paypal account I will be sending you a few bucks. I like the fact that you dont charge for this service and I also like the fact that you ask or donations and tell use how the money will benafit us and you! I like the transparency of this site, I wish all developers told us what they were doing with our money.

Keep up the great work! This is the best free service on the net!
by jmosley on Nov 12, 2007
Excellent! So happy to find you!
I agree with the other posts above; I am going to give $3 a month, as this is what Quicken Online was charging for a service that's really only half as versatile. AND get a load of this: Quicken Online doesn't allow you to manage Cash accounts. Surveys tell them that people use debit & credit most often!

You guys offer a service that marries the easy entry of transactions that some sites (e.g., Buxfer) offer with the traditional checkbook register. It offers maximum flexibility--I could manage everything online and I can also just enter transactions and export them to a desktop program such as Quicken*.

*Intuit has pulled the rug on QIF import in the latest versions of Quicken. I'm using an older version that still supports this.
by mgheinlein on Jan 11, 2008



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