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You\'re safe from the Heartbleed SSL exploit

4/9/2014 in ClearCheckbook News
There have been some announcements made in the news today about a new way that SSL connections could be exploited. They're calling this "Heartbleed" and more information can be found here

We're running a version of OpenSSL that does not contain the vulnerability. This means that all of your data and information has been and will continue to be safe from SSL exploits while you're using

Comments for this post:

Great news
Appreciate that you've checked it proactively to ensure that we're not affected. I feel safer for my financial records.
by ccsantosjr on Apr 14, 2014
Thank you
Your genuine care about your customers and the feeling that we can rely on your company for saftey and reliablity has once again met its target of excellence.
by gaffney1976 on Apr 15, 2014



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