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2-Step Verification Now Available on ClearCheckbook

11/30/2018 in ClearCheckbook Updates

We've added an extra layer of protection to your login with 2-Step Verification

2-Step Verification, or Multi-factor authentication (MFA), is a widely used method for securing your data online. The ClearCheckbook MFA is opt-in, meaning you can enable this if you'd like to add an extra level of security to your login.

Our MFA relies on you scanning a QR code through a security / authenticator app on your phone. Once done, the app will have an entry for ClearCheckbook and a 6 digit code that changes every 30 seconds. When you sign into ClearCheckbook, you'll provide your username and password and then you'll be asked to provide the 6 digit code before you're signed into your account.

2-Step Verification for ClearCheckbook
Sample 2-Step Verification QR code

You can enable MFA by signing into your account and then click on Settings at the top right side of the page. Next, click on the 2-Step Verification link. Scan the QR code on this page with the MFA app of your choice and then enter the 6 digit code provided by the app to verify setup and enable MFA.

There are many widely used authenticator apps available that you can use with our MFA setup. Some of the most popular are: Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Authy and LastPass Auth. Using our MFA will require you to have your mobile phone with you each time you manually sign into the site. Note: you won't be prompted to enter the 6 digit code if you have cookies enabled and remain signed into your account. The only time you'll be prompted for your MFA is each time you actually log in.

If you'd like to read more about what MFA is and why it's useful, check out these resources:

Comments for this post:

Thank you
Thank you for adding this feature and keeping security in mind. I have 2FA configured for every account I have that supports it. 2FA should be just as common as a username or password.
by gfountain on Dec 2, 2018
QR Code
I am also thankful for this new feature. My only issue is that the QR code is still available on the page after setup. If I forget to log out, what's to stop someone from pulling up the page and scanning it into their app?
by twim7693 on Dec 3, 2018
twim7693 -- We've updated this so it doesn't show the QR code if you've already enabled 2FA. It also requires you to enter the 6-digit code to disable 2FA.
by Brandon on Dec 3, 2018
Thank you, Brandon
We appreciate all the work you do!
by twim7693 on Dec 3, 2018
Huge securty upgrade
Thank you for adding 2FA and especially using TOTP instead of text messages.
by gf23798 on Dec 6, 2018
Brandon thank you for listening! Nicely done!
by efiannaca on Dec 7, 2018
Two step
I'm trying to register for two-step but it keeps telling me my name and or email, belongs to another member?
by adamstud on Dec 12, 2018
Trusted Devices
Let me start of by saying thank you for adding 2FA. Are there plans to improve this feature such as adding my phone and/or computer as a trusted device?

Thank you for all you do on this site!
by gigem52315 on Jan 9, 2019
We don't have immediate plans to implement more updates to the 2FA feature but we will look at adding more options in the future.
by Brandon on Jan 9, 2019
Adding Security To Phone App
Will there ever be an option for the iphone app that ask you for a pin or Touch ID to open your accounts in the app? I would love to see something like this.
by Dre2068 on Jan 10, 2019
We'll be working on added security to the mobile apps in the future as well. We don't have a timeline for this but it's high on the priority list for the next big update to the apps.
by Brandon on Jan 10, 2019
I am very security conscious... different password for every website, 30+ alpha-numeric-special case passwords, MFA (if supported).... so thank you for adding this.

I would, however, love to able to add a computer(s) as a trusted device for XX amount of days.
by gfountain on Apr 7, 2019
Backup Code?
Al other 2FA enabled accounts provide backup codes. Are there no backup codes for the 2FA on clearcheckbook?
by k&dpike on Jun 26, 2020
re: Backup Code?
The next version of the site we're going to launch soon has a way to get a temporary code to bypass your 2FA prompt in case you don't have your device, or you got a new phone and lost all your old 2FA codes.
by Brandon on Jun 26, 2020
Keeps prompting for Authentication
I like the 2FA feature in the new update however I get prompted to enter almost every time from the same device even though I checked the option to remember this device. I am using Google Authenticator. Is this a known issue?

Thanks, Mike
by mhaxton on Aug 22, 2020



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