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A few bug fixes (reports and editing transactions)

10/7/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
An issue with reports not displaying in Internet Explorer 8 should now be fixed. If you are still experiencing any issues with the reports not showing up, please let us know in the comments for this post or by sending us an email using the Contact Us form at the bottom right side of the page.

Also, an issue with editing transactions has been fixed. The bug revolved around a conflict if you tried to edit a transaction after you had the Add Transaction form loaded. Thanks to ClearCheckbook user 'jessethouin' for figuring this out!

Comments for this post:

Very nice!
Thanks for this issue! Well, I'm a new user, and I've seen that sometimes you Jive an transaction by clicking the symbol, but it does not refresh balance automatically. And when i click "Refresh Balance" the transaction jusr re-appear unchecked. Thanks!
by fernampo on Oct 7, 2009
Hi, do you need some help in translating to Portuguese?

by fernampo on Oct 10, 2009
Bug still present with Firefox 3.5 and IE 6?
Hi all,

I can't see any report's content (bar, pie, line) both on dashboard and on reports section.

I have 1 account with (?) 6 pages of transactions between maj and october 2009, all imported from a qif file.

Any idea?

Best regards,

by gelmimau on Oct 12, 2009
Glad I could help!
I lovelovelove this site/tool/whatchamacallit. I've found nothing better at keeping track of my finances. (Not even!)
by jessethouin on Oct 15, 2009



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