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A few updates and iPhone news

6/3/2010 in ClearCheckbook Updates
We have added a few changes to the site this morning. You now have the ability to hide your split transaction children from the transaction list (to take up less room) by clicking on Settings at the top right side of the page and then click on General Settings. You can choose to show or hide the split children here. If you hide the split children, they will still be counted toward your reports and budgets and can be found in the search. They will simply be hidden from the transaction register.

We also updated the Estimate Future Balances tool to work for a duration less than one month. You can now project what your balance will be for durations such as 2 weeks in the future.

The iPhone app has been completed. We are going through it and beta testing and fixing any bugs we find for another week and then will submit it to the app store.

Comments for this post:

Great news on the iphone!! Thank you !!
by TechGuy on Jun 3, 2010
IPhone App
Thanks for the update, the app screen shots look awesome. Couple of questions, will the app have a running balance(and is it possible to add this as a feature to the free membership), and secondly what will be the cost of the app? Will it be free, or will you have to pay for it? Thanks for all the hard work.
by sandovalta on Jun 3, 2010
The iPhone app won't have a running balance at this version. It's something we will eventually add to it.

The app will be completely free to download and use.
by Brandon on Jun 3, 2010
Free??! o.O FREEE!!!???! I like that idea!!!
by TechGuy on Jun 3, 2010
Thanks B!
Great news! Great job! I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks again for doing what you do.
by waynoworlater on Jun 4, 2010
great news about the iPhone app...looking forward to it....
by on Jun 5, 2010
Looking forward to this
What's the status of the iPhone app? Has it been submitted yet?
by ctfeet on Jun 15, 2010
We are very anxious to hear about it!
by wdfelippe on Jun 16, 2010
Where is the iPhone app? It's been weeks now
by Randy_Reid on Jun 16, 2010
Where is it??
If you could keep us feeded with the ongoing process, it would be awesome. We can`t wait to download it in our iPhones.
by wdfelippe on Jun 20, 2010
The CCB team is quite aware of the anticipation of the iPhone app and have already explained that its not quite as easy as developing the Android or WebOS apps.

"Learning an entire new programming language takes a bit of time. It's not like I can just crank out an iphone app overnight. I looked into hiring someone to build an app for me, but the average quote is about 2x what the site has made from premium memberships so far... which is just not feasible at this point.
I can't promise when it will be released, but i can tell you that i'm still trying to learn the programming language used on an iPhone so i can get an app out.

Stop harassing them with such comments as,
" Where is the iPhone app? It's been weeks now"

Good things come in time. They are trying to perfect the app so there is minimal issues when it is rolled out.
Im sure when it is rolled out EVERY iPhone client will try to DL the app and overload the system, causing hell for everyone...the CCB team as well as the CCB clients, whether you have an iPhone or not.
Congrats to the CCB team for their time and efforts of making this such a successful site.
by PHishHead on Jun 20, 2010



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