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A Happy New Years Surprise from ClearCheckbook!

12/30/2007 in ClearCheckbook Updates
I know we're a few days early, but we wanted to bring in the New Year with a server upgrade for the site. We just made the switch to our new server named DocOck (yes, like the villain from Spiderman). You should notice the site performing much faster now... as the server itself is about 8x more powerful in every way than our old one.

We named the server DocOck because it has Dual-Quad core processors for a total of 8 processors running with 4GB of RAM. This should be enough power to manage the site for a while :)

We're still looking to see if anything is acting up from the switch to the new server. If you notice any issues with the site, please use the Contact Us form at the bottom of the page to let us know.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

Comments for this post:

It is faster
visibly much faster. Great thanks to you and doners.
by SandK on Dec 31, 2007
Wonderfully faster, thanks for the New Year's suprise. :)
by mroberts47 on Jan 2, 2008
Thanks a lot
Great site,
Happy New year
by delfinfb on Jan 4, 2008
Dude Thanks!
I was wondering what was up. The site is sooo much faster now. thanks! Love the site.
by on Jan 8, 2008
At Last
I am so happy I found your site. I have been looking for this for years. I intend to use it to its fullest.

Thanks again.
by Hunter121 on Jan 25, 2008



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