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A Surprise for iPhone and iPod Touch Users :)

3/7/2008 in ClearCheckbook Updates
I'm proud to announce the release of ClearCheckbook Mobile today. ClearCheckbook Mobile is a version of ClearCheckbook developed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. All elements of the site (minus a few that are still in the works) have been ported over to the new layout.

Over the next week or so, the remaining elements of ClearCheckbook will be ported over to the mobile site and it will be complete. I will make another blog post when that time comes.

Until then, please try out the new mobile site and everything it has to offer! IT's completely self sustaining now (meaning you can do everything from registering new accounts to changing your date and currency settings). Try it out and let us know what you think of it by sending us an email or posting in the comments of this blog entry!

For more information on ClearCheckbook Mobile, click here.

Update (March 8, 2008):
Reminders / Recurring Transactions and the "Lost Password" features have been added to the mobile site.

Also, ClearCheckbook Mobile has been added to the list of WebApps on the Apple website.

Comments for this post:

by anijhenry on Mar 7, 2008
Same Issue...
I know the mobile site is designed for the Iphone...but in windows mobile using PIE 6.1, the bug still exists on the add transaction page when you hit submit, it says "adding transaction" with the spinning thingy, and just sits there, it never confirms the addition, so you don't know if it actually went through or not....
by slickshoes104 on Mar 7, 2008
Wow, cool! Just saw this announcement and tested it right away on my iPhone. It is awesome! Works great and fast. I love it! Thank you!
by borderchild on Mar 7, 2008
err yeah great I think BUT...
There's every currency in the world to pick from - apart from British Pounds!!!!!!
by ianfirth on Mar 10, 2008
British Pounds
ianfirth, It is listed as Pounds Sterling (GBP) in the currency drop down list.
by Brandon on Mar 10, 2008
dude, fa show
Man, been just waiting everytime I log in to see this. Thanks so much, I'm donating......well as soon as I get my check book balanced
by jraley on Mar 12, 2008
would really love it if you could get the mobile to work on blackberries !
thank you... love what i have seen so far !
by millerranch on Mar 13, 2008
Great web app!!
This is truly the best app for balancing my accounts. Bye-bye PDA (smile). THANKS!
by biglan on May 3, 2008
Clearcheckbook entries/CheckBot
Can someone clarify what CheckBot is, how I can get it and/or if it would be useful to me?
by Holly on May 8, 2008
Quicken and iBank
Can take the place of the programs above? Keeping tracks of checks, withdrawals, deposits, categories and simple reporting are what I mainly use.
If so, that would be great.

Thank you.
by gcsgrl on May 11, 2008
RE: Quicken and iBank
I've found that as an ordinary user, this site is a fine replacement for Quicken© and although I have never used iBank© (since I use Linux) I would respectfully suggest it might be worth your time to give it a try.

by jamesniem on May 28, 2008
iPhone App??? is the very best! What would make it even better? An iPhone App. Please? Thank you for all the hard work!!
by iteachnology on Jul 14, 2008
Iphone App?
Any plans to make a native iPhone app now that they can be added to the phone? I'd pay for the app if I had to!
by razzle on Jul 15, 2008



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