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Another Status Update

1/2/2009 in ClearCheckbook Updates
I wanted to let you know that we've been making more updates and bug fixes to the site over the last week. As of this post, we have updated or fixed the following issues:

  • Reports show monthly deposits/withdrawals in text format
  • Adding Transactions on summary page lets you edit/jive added transactions immediately
  • Fixed exporting issue with Internet Explorer
  • Fixed header issue with OSX Dashboard Widget
  • Fixed jiving issue after editing a transaction
  • updated the Refresh Balances script

We're still working on getting CheckBot back up. We will have it back online by the end of the weekend.

If you have anything else you have noticed while using the site, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom right of every page to send us a message and let us know.

Comments for this post:

Deleting transactions
In the account summary interface, it appears there's no longer a way to delete a transaction. Am I just overlooking it somewhere?
by thomashaley on Jan 3, 2009
Deleting transactions
I responded to your email, but I'll post it here too. To delete a transaction, just select the check box on the left side of the transaction(s) and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Delete.
by Brandon on Jan 3, 2009
re credit cards
in the old format , when you selected to pay a credit card you just selected the account & cicked pay & enter account to be paid from & this cleared the account to zero !!!
now it shows as a transfer on account to be debited & you have to put in another entry to clear the balance to zero ?????
by ralksam on Jan 4, 2009
Description Suggestions
It seems that, at least in Safari with a paid subscription, clicking on the "X" to ignore description suggestions does not work.

Just a heads up.

Great job! I love the new version.
by daveandcarisa on Jan 4, 2009
Pie Reports -- Huge "Other" amount
There seems to be something weird about the Pie Reports. There is a huge amount showing for the "Other" category that I have not spent, and have no idea what it is. For instance in Jan. 2009 it is showing 95% of my spending in this "Other" category. But, if I go and search for all transactions in Jan 2009, there is nothing listed in my own "Other" category.

The Pie reports were one of my favorite features as it allowed me to quickly see what are my top expense categories, and the percentage I am spending in each. It was really useful, so hopefully you can get this fixed.
by dihicoder on Jan 5, 2009
Other Category in Pie Charts
This "Other" category is just that. It's all of your other categories combined into one chunk.

The way the pie charts work is this:

The top 6 categories are shown in the chart and the rest are combined into one slice called "Other"

The old system simply didn't show you anything more than the top 6.

It's not a bug and nothing is broken, it's simply an accurate representation of your spending.
by Brandon on Jan 5, 2009
First, I am getting acclimated to the new layout and it is growing on me.

Second, Thank you for getting the checkbot back in service. I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing any problems sending by text message. I am able to get what I need done, but I receive additional messages starting with "Your input () was not recognized." after the appropriate response from the bot.

by cswroe on Jan 5, 2009
Thanks for the smaller transaction lines
I think you just checked that change in. I was missing the "compactness" of the old site.
by fuber on Jan 6, 2009
Any time estimate on when clearcheckbot will be repaired, especially the google talk bot?

by heathcpe on Jan 6, 2009
import date defaults to 1969
When I import qfx and and ofx formats- the dates default to 1969 and I am unable to edit the year once it is in my account. I have confirmed that the date is correct in the imported files. I am using Firefox on a Mac.
by amilan17 on Jan 6, 2009



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