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Automatic Backups to Google Drive will need to be re-authenticated

8/12/2020 in ClearCheckbook Updates

The current Google Drive authentication tokens will no longer be valid after we upgrade to ClearCheckbook version 5 on Saturday August 15th @ 10pm EDT

If you currently have Automatic Backups enabled to Google Drive, you will need to re-authenticate ClearCheckbook with Google drive after we perform the upgrade to Version 5. We're using an updated Google Drive API and the current authentication strings aren't compatible with the new version.

This does not affect Dropbox users. If you have backups enabled to Dropbox, they will continue to work properly after the upgrade to Version 5.

Comments for this post:

Will OneDrive work again???
by princess0430 on Aug 12, 2020
RE: Onedrive
Yes, OneDrive backups will be working again in V5 :)
by Brandon on Aug 12, 2020
Trying to re activate google drive backup through a chromebook
I have gone to premium settings and see the automatic options to backup but can't seem to enable that function ?

Is this the place I go to do this ?

Thanks for your help

Sig Martinez
by dev2smm on Aug 17, 2020
Go to Tools > Automatic Backups
Hi, Sig - I found it. Click on the Tools button on the persistent toolbar, and then click on Automatic Backups. It's not in Manage Premium Subscription.
by nisperos on Aug 17, 2020



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